There’s No Business Like Snow Business

Oh, puns are awful, aren’t they? I do apologize. I may be going slowly insane due to, oh I don’t know, never-ending winter? But! Ever one to take a lemon and paint that shit gold, I am bound and determined to see the silver lining in the cloud that is Minnesota’s six months of winter. No, friends, that isn’t a typo. Four million people have, in fact, voluntarily chosen to live in a place that often reaches -30 and boasts snow for half the year.
Here are some of the adventures I’ve been known to undertake in an attempt to maintain my sanity among all the white stuff.

Have a photo shoot

Are you among the many who document your daily fashion choices? All that white provides a nice backdrop for your cute vintage dress, don’t you think? Our girlfriend Cherry Blossom Girl, above, thinks so. So does this cutie. And this brave soul.

Make snow cream

Hygiene, shmi-giene – I don’t want to hear it nay-sayers! When it starts to snow, put a big mixing bowl outside to catch some clean snow (about a gallon), mix in a cup of milk, half a cup of sugar and a teaspoon of vanilla. Eat under the stars with your best girlfriends.

Make snow prints

Step 1: Wait for a perfect, ever-so-slightly wet, fairytale snow to fall and accumulate on a parking lot full of cars. Step 2: Run around pressing your faces and bodies into the snow. Step 3: Stand back and admire your amazingly realistic snow sculptures. Step 4: Hide behind the cars and watch bewildered commuters make sense of the face imprinted on to the hood of their Impala.

Build an igloo

I don’t know about you, but I suspect I will never outgrow making forts. Blanket forts, table forts, and igloos are the end-all-be-all of forts, no? A proper igloo is something of an undertaking requiring a specific kind of snow (as evidenced by this hilarious, totally un-PC 1960’s educational video). But don’t be dissuaded! I created many an awesome snow fort with these cool snow brick molds.

Make snow paint

And by ‘snow paint’ I mean ‘fill an old squeeze bottle with water and food coloring.’ Visit your neighborhood park and leave love notes for strangers, your favorite quote or the photo number for your hottie, singleton friend. Now you don’t need to be jealous of your gentleman friends and their innate ability to write in the snow.

Extra Credit

* Make a snowball and put it in your freezer to utilize on your boyfriend come June
* Use a snow bank to chill your bottle of Champagne
* Visit your neighborhood sauna and do like the Swedes and have a proper snow roll, post-steaming
* Pull out your inflatable mattress, pile your friends on top and and go sliding!

How do you utilize the white stuff?



i like to shovel it off sidewalks and stairs all around my house into big piles that get really dirty and don't melt until may. s'awesome.

just kidding.

omg, is this winter ever going to end?? 8*[


I'm in Canada, and well, I feel your pain! It's still snowing here, and is supposed to snow every day for the rest of the week. Sometimes it feels like I haven't seen the sun in years! But I love your snow cream idea. Definitely gonna try that one out.

Unicorns For Socialism

HA! I love this time of year, because I can sloooowly see the sanity slipping away from my friends and colleagues. For example, I witnessed a fully-grown man (we're talking mid-to-late-fifties) hurl a series of snowballs against the wall of the smoking patio at my workplace, while he was sneaking a cig.

An hour or so later, I saw someone walk into the lobby carrying a case of Summit Beer, walk up two flights of stairs, set down the case, and stride away. He never came back.

The Crazy has officially pervaded the Twin Cities.


maybe a little typical, but I love going snowshoeing, especially after a heavy snow. The nature center in my town rents them out (and so do most of them in the Twin Cities, by the way). Very fun to go off-trail and look for signs of animals. The other day, I found some suspicious piles of fur, a little bit of old blood, and fox tracks!

I also like cross-country skiing when I can get a pair of skis. Maybe when I resigned myself to staying in Minnesota forever, then I'll buy myself a pair.


I love this, eventhough the snow has disappeared round here (well…fingers crossed anyway).
I remember when I was younger, a load of us would just grab big plastic bags and go sliding down hills on them for hours. Its so much more fun than a sledge.


We have had our fair share of winter/snow here as well! Something that we're definitely not used to, or in this abundance!

I did take advantage though, and went sledding with the boyfriend! Drank hot cocoa, and enjoyed every minute of it!

What else can you do?

I'm still dying to try snow cream!


Sauna with snow-rolling is originally Finnish tradition, not Swedish.. 😉 We are the true inventors of sauna. Go once to a sauna with a Finnish person and you'll know the difference. 😀 (The difference is about 30-40 celsius, when talking about average Swedes.. then there's always my little sister but she's everything but average..)


Man, Our snow in GA just melted. We had a lovely 4 in. (we normally only get 1 for half a day) Such great ideas! now it's just cold here. Enjoy your snow!


SNOW CREAM? Did you invent that? Man, I wish I was a kid so someone could offer me some. I'd have passed out in delight.


Hi! We are having the opposite weather to you (Im in Australia). I am watching the Winter Olympics just to IMAGINE feeling cool. Its been 90-100 F and humid as, for FAR TOO LONG now…
Gal, I LOVE your blog, go on being you, OK?
xxx Kayla

Karen Mardelli

I was one of the lucky ones on the east coast to get blasted with the recent blizzards. Granted it is not Minnesota weather, but I was recently living in Chicago and I feel your pain.

Snowshoeing has been my new favorite thing to do, especially since my parents have the old school ones! Though making snow angels (as an adult) was also surprisingly amusing…


My kids make snow cone slushies with snow. Or ice hockey pucks in the freezer.

Snow is like gold to us. (We live in the desert and it is very rare here.)


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