The Best of Craig’s List, In Video Form

If you guys are looking for a way to avoid doing the laundry/writing that paper/doing the dishes you might want to check out The Best of Craig’s List. Three hours later, you’ll push away from your laptop, strengthened by hilarious ads about The Grinding Wheels of Justice Bunkbed and Raptor-esque protection methods.If you’ve only got 5 minutes to kill, here’s a video version of some Craig’s List Bests, put together by Rogue Set Media. Watch out for my colleague and her cat Oscar who steal the show at 1:16. When I first saw her yanking him off of the couch and complaining about the cost of gas, I was reduced to silent, teary laughter at my work desk for a good 3 minutes.



The Best of Craigslist is one of my favorite places on the internet ever. Always go on it when I need a laugh!


I love the best-of section! Wait, I also love Craigslist because it's where I've found my last two apartments, my (really good) job and half of the furniture in my house.

If you haven't seen it, you should check out the Craigslist movie (er, documentary). It's an awesome feature length version of the video you posted.


Always a good time. In my meager career as a writer, my most notable accomplishment was getting onto Best of Craigslist. I wrote a personals ad, and while I never met anyone from it, it boosted my literary confidence.


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