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Last week I joyfully picked up a tin of slick and shiny pink lip gloss – you know the type: apply it with your finger, your hair gets stuck in it and it wears off in approximately 3 minutes? And it occured to me that this was exactly the same stuff that I’d been rocking in eighth grade. Surely there must be a slightly more adult version out there somewhere! I turned to my friend Elizabeth of Beauty Bets to keep us informed.
Like most kids, my first job was selling lemonade on our street corner. I was probably the only one, however, who took her earning to the drugstore to buy makeup. Lavendar Cover Girl eyeshadow to be exact. I wasn’t even allowed to wear makeup at that age, so I stuck it in the freezer for safe-keeping (don’t ask) and put it on when I lip-synched to Madonna’s Borderline in the living room. Ah, the 80s.

I actually get a little nostalgic when I think of the products I used to carry around in my Le Sportsac. But then I realize that I’ve actually just replaced them with adult versions that work, smell, and look a whole lot better:

1. Then: Noxema
Bliss Fabulous Foaming Face Wash ($22) – So refreshing and tingly like the now-infamous cold cream, but infinitely gentler!

2. Then: St. Ives Apricot Scrub
Now: Dr. Hauscka Cleansing Cream ($27) – Almond meal replaces harsh grit, minus the preservatives, chemicals, and drying effects.

3. Then: Oil of Olay Original Beauty Fluid
Now: Ole Henriksen Herbal Day Crème SPF 15 ($35) – Packed with antioxidants and fruit oils, this rich cream blows the pore-clogging pink stuff out of the water.

4. Then: Bonne Belle Gel Blush
Now: Stila Convertible Color ($25) – A sheer, budge-proof wash of color for lips and cheeks in beautiful shades you’ll want to collect

5. Then: Mood lipstick
Smashbox O-gloss ($22) – Shiny and soft (not green in the tube), this gloss reacts with your skin chemistry to transform from clear into your own custom shade of pink

6. Then: Hawaiian Tropic suntan oil
Bobbi Brown Beach body oil ($28) – Now that vacation means wearing a heavy-duty sunblock, I dab this luxurious oil on my shoulders to take me of someplace tropical

7. Then: Sea Breeze astringent
Now: Caudalie Beauty Elixir ($16) – Instead of stripping my normal/combination face with alcohol, I spritz it with this minty, hydrating tonic or set or refresh my makeup

8. Then: Village Lip Lickers (the ones in the sliding rectangular gold tins!)
Now: Fresh Rose Sugar Tinted Lip Treatment SPF 15 ($22.50) – The smoothest, most luxurious lip balm ever, this imparts a red stain and comes in a chic metal tube

9. Then: Salon Selectives shampoo
Now: Kiehl’s Rice & Wheat Volumizing Shampoo ($18) – I’ve tried them all, but this volumizing shampoo actually works—and smells like roses!

What was stuffed in your childhood makeup bag? I was all over Dr. Pepper Lipsmackers (ummm, still am) and all things Wet n’ Wild.



I definitely went for lipsmackers, wet n' wild and anything bonnebell! I also had body sprays from Bath & Bodyworks, and their rollon giltter. Oh what good, good memories!

Unicorns For Socialism

Back in my illustrious teen years, I was OBSESSED with Vanilla Cake Icing-flavored Lipsmackers, extra-strength astringent wipes, and anything from Bath & Body Works. B&BW was the real classy stuff. Up-market, if you will.

Can I admit here that I still read "Teen Vogue" and sometimes even straight-up "Teen Magazine" — largely for the fashion & beauty tips? I'm 25. And I'm okay with that.

The Naked Redhead

Hahaha…body sprays from Bath and Body…yes, yes, all the time.

I was actually pretty lucky that my mom put me on a decent skin care regimen when I was 12 or 13, but boy, did I enjoy silly make-up. I especially loved the concept of the "pinky-brown" lip color, and often colored in my lips with a brown pencil and then dabbed pink lip gloss on top. Hotness.

hip hip gin gin

Dude what do you mean was *puts on Dr. Pepper smacker*, I can't quit that flavor, ever.
Do you all remember the BonneBell roll on flavored gloss? It was in a little glass tube with a roll on deodorant type top? The goopiest, stickiest, grossest stuff in the world. And we looooooooved it, I swear I can still taste the mango flavor. Which by the way tasted nothing like an actual mango.


Hahaha- – I can just imagine her parents cleaning out the freezer, only to find this random eyeshadow compact hanging out with the freezer-burned vegetables and the ice cube trays!

Most of my later childhood/earlier teenager years was one long adventure in orthodontics, so I was definitely into lip gloss like whoa. My favourites were definitely Bonne Bell- – which was conveniently the only kind my mom would let me wear. She also gave me her old make-up for playing dress up. That was all well and good until the day I re-discovered this make-up, slathered on what I thought was a really cool, "mod" shade of lipstick, only to be informed at school that I was wearing concealer on my lips. … I was 16. I'm still living that one down.

Unicorns for Socialism, Teen Vogue is still my jam, too. Hooray for kindred spirits! Way better fashion tips than adult American Vogue. And I'm 26


Double-sided wt n wild eyeliner! & I was all over the Dr. Pepper lipp smackers, too.

Also: Lucky You perfume, those crayon-like eyeshadow sticks, glitter lip gloss, glitter lotion, glitter hair spray, glitter glitter glitter.


As I read this I am thinking of the Dr. Pepper chapstick that is currently in my purse. It is one of those super fat obnoxious tubes. I was applying some while waiting in line the other day and the checkout woman said "What are you putting all over your face?" Ha. definately time to upgrade.


i went through a serious butch phase in middle and high school, so i think im still in that experimental OMGMAKEUP phase. combined with being poor and a bit goth/punk, im all about the wet and wild 99cent hot pink lipstick and little girls body glitter. although i have recently discovered fancy skincare products, in my endless quest to find something that doesnt irritate my super cranky sensitive/combination skin.


i STILL use my grey metallic caboodles case to hold all my makeup! it's so handy! and im still rockin the dr pepper lip balm. time to grow up? maybe

stephanie alaine

elizabeth, thanks for this classy, no frills list of goods. i am a believer that as we mature, so should our beauty regimens. can i put in an additional request?

what is you fave night cream that doesn't cost over $40?

off to buy some of these things ASAP. and toss some of those others…



Holy nostalgia! I wasn't a make-up wearer as a kid but my friends were. Now though (that I'm nearly thirty) I'm getting into it and I appreciate the products! My eyes are the only thing I can figure out. Foundation, lip colors.. like I said – no experience.


I noticed your tastes have become a lot more expensive! They all look like great products though.

I used to LOVE Dr. Pepper Lip Smackers, but haven't worn it in years… Oh, and my absolute favorite lip gloss, when I didn't care about having color, used to be stuff that Wet 'n' Wild made. It came in a pot, moisturized just as good as Vaseline, but it was thinner and tasted like strawberries. They don't sell it anymore and I miss it so much. That stuff would cure uber-chapped lips in like, two hours.

Beauty Bets

OMG how could I forget the roll-on Bonne Belle lip glosses?!? Obsessed. Did you notice I didn't even touch Designer Imposter body sprays. I shutter.

PEOPLE: These products all work, natch. I never recommend anything that doesn't – against my religion!

STEPHANIE ALAINE: Fave night creams under $40 are Galen Labs XII Elements serum ($32) and Weleda Everon Face Balm ($15)


How is anyone supposed to afford those sorts of things in this day and age?

Many products that are a lot cheaper are proven to work AND are a lot better than the more expensive brand.

Yes and Yes I thought you were all about on the cheap and providing a good, easy, inexpensive way for us to look and feel excellent? I know this is a guest post, but I do wonder why you would let them post that on your blog. I don't know about anyone else but I feel terrible after wasting money on something so unimportant as make up.
To be honest, wasting money in general makes me feel glum.


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