Entree Vous

I’m pretty sure the above is french for “look at this cute place where I throw my mail and hang up my purse!” Right? Right. I’ve been futzing a bit my wee little space – covering my door with chalkboard paint, replacing hooks, opting for the ubiquitous floating Ikea LACK shelves.

That’s a Yoshitomo Nara print and a plastic
skull that I painted with left over chalkboard paint.
Obviously, Putin wanted to be in every picture.
Sadly, I could not could not convince him to wear his vest
As I’ve been futzing, I’ve been slowly accruing a big old folder of gorgeous, inspiring entryways. Let’s drool over them, shall we?
Sex Pistols poster + blue bean bags + spray painted
sticks = awesome!
Don’t you love this incredibly literal interpretation of
“coat tree”?
I love all these mix and matched hooks. And how
cute is that duck?!
Slightly creepy? Yes. Awesome? Also yes.
This appeals to my minimalist Virgo side. Also my
plastic-robot-loving side.
So lady like!
Glossy and red is always a win, isn’t it?

Do you do anything special with your entry way?



I love your place! writer extraordinaire AND interior designer. Me = tres jealous. But in a happy way πŸ™‚ Duck hooks, small robots, hands coming out of walls… who else could make it all look so chic?


Now I'm seriously tempted to attempt casting my own hand-hooks. Creepy but awesome.

Oh and Putin is adorable!

Laura Elaine

Lovely photos! I love the owl umbrella stand. I saw that online somewhere, but, too rich for my blood πŸ™

One thing I do is we have a small tiered standing shelf right by our door. One level houses a cool picture, one a lamp, but my favorite level houses a gorgeous painted dish full of my many, many sunglasses πŸ™‚ It keeps them tidy, I always know where they are, and it's sort of art on its own! I got the idea from something I read on Jackie O once, and it's always a conversation piece πŸ™‚

hip hip gin gin

Those blue bean bags are perfection!! Want, want, want, making the grabby hands.
Your place is really cute, and Putin is too! Although if he is going to be a model he really should be wearing his vest.


Well, if I had an entry way I'd have to think about what I wanted to do with it. Lucky for me (ha!), my home just opens right into the living room. I like the last two entry ways the best.


ikea? wait a minute… aren't you in new zealand? it would be complete bliss if new zealand had a sneaky ikea somewhere that i don't know of. miss my swedish bread and jam…

Material Girl

1. this reminds me i've been meaning to do a post on my own, entryway, because i recently remade my coat closet into…A SHOE CLOSET. it is glorious.

2. i think my virgo has a crush on your virgo.


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