Web Time Wasters: Easter Edition

What are your plans for Easter weekend, you guys? I’m getting a fancy, non-$13 haircut on Friday, going to a zoo-and-curry date on Saturday and meeting up with my aunt and grandma for a lovely Sunday in a little historic town on the Mississippi. I have high hopes that I will get some sort of basket and that everybody will give me the black jelly beans that they don’t want.
If you’re lucky enough to have a long weekend or are feeling overwhelmed by all the family and candy that accompanies Easter, why not sneak away and peruse these links?

* Easter DIYS! Make your own marshmallow peeps! or marbleized Easter eggs!

* So pretty! So useful! If you are engaging in any publishing endeavors and are struggling to sift through all the flickr creative commons photos, this color selector tool with change.your.life.

* I love MightyGoods round up of Easter Baskets for Grown Ups. I’ll take the egg cups and the bird warblers, please.

* If I didn’t work next to an Asian grocery store and spend my lunch money on pockey sticks and Vietnamese sandwiches, I’d be alllll over this Office Snack Gourmet: How To Turn Junk Food Into Something More

* Have you read about David Sedaris’s experience attempting explain Easter to his classmates in French? Hiiii-larious, of course.

* Remember cassette tapes? Yeah, they were awesome. I still play them in my car. Here’s a great collection of belts/toys/dresses/bags made out of old tapes.

* When scientist Neil deGrasse Tyson classified Pluto as a non-planet, he didn’t expect he’d get hate mail from third graders. “Some people like Pluto. If it doesn’t exist, they won’t have a favorite planet anymore. Please write back, but not in cursive. I can’t read cursive.”

* Fantastic! Start your day in 33 different ways

* A fascinating read on hair extensions made from human hair – from Indian temples to Lady Gaga’s head.

* I know you’re already reading the hipster puppies tumblr, right? Riiiggght?

* 10 Tips and Tricks for Making Your Stuff Last Longer – clothes, food, batteries, etc!

* Let’s talk about gardening. I’m thinking herbs, flowers, peppers, tomatoes. Here’s a great article on which vegetables grow best in window boxes and balconies.

* I’m alllmost finished with Operation Fancy Lady Closet (glass drawer pulls! mirrored trays! artfully displayed stuff!) and now I really want to try this DIY jewelry holder bust.

* I’m in love with the fashion blog My Edit. Nearly everything she wears is thrifted and she puts it all together in a way that is somehow stylish/sexy/grown up/bo-ho-y … which is a market I’d like to corner.

What links are you loving these days?



I'm going to admit it, the first office snack scared me! hahaha. I don't think I could stomach that.

That Kind of Girl

I friggin' adore you! Not only was I immediately compelled to open up every single link you posted, but I saved that image and spent about twenty minutes individually emailing it to all of my friends and fam with the caption "BUNNYMUG!"

Christine Macdonald

WOW! Awesome post, thanks!

I'm having champagne mimosa brunch with my fella. 🙂

Thanks for taking the time to post this. I'm off to check out the links now.


Sarah Von, have I told you how much I love your blog? Because I do. I so wouldn't know about all this cool stuff if you didn't share it. I love the Office Snack Gourmet and the day-starters. And I must know more about your Operation Fancy Lady Closet!

I am VERY fortunate to have a three day weekend starting tomorrow (I say this because I work in fast food)! So, Saturday, I don't know what I'll be doing, but Sunday I will be exchanging Easter baskets with my boyfriend (we decided to make ones for each other this year 'cause we're adorable like that) and then eating dinner at his parents' house.


First off, the cutest bun in a cup ever! 🙂 Adorable.

Great links too. I hope that you get the basket, and the black jelly beans that you so desire.


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