31 New Things: Attend A Cultural Celebration

I realized belatedly, after I chose this goal, that I’m not really a stranger to cultural celebrations. Working with the Southeast Asian community, I’ve attended a “Springtime Wrist Tying Ceremony” and a Hmong New Year celebration in the last year. (For the former they tied strings around our wrists, blessed us and put cooked rice in our hair. And the latter? We walked around a tree while they hit a gong and waved a live chicken in the air.)But oddly, I’ve never celebrated Cinco de Mayo before. No es bueno! So two weeks ago, My friend Shaun and I headed to St. Paul’s Cinco de Mayo celebration with an eye for correcting this travesty.There were, of course, the ubiquitous festival booths (mini donuts! fried cheese curds! funnel cake!) that were patently not Mexican. But there were also homemade tamales, lots of sparkly outfits, some impressive dancing and at least one Chihuahua wearing a thematic outfit.


What is sure to be the first of many, many pieces of roasted
corn that I eat this summer.


Can we talk about this? Roasted corn. Brushed with melted butter.
Brushed with with mayo. Sprinkled with cheese. Sprinkled with chili.
FTW, you guys. And you know I don’t say that lightly.
Salsa tasting tray that I couldn’t take part in because I’m a tender tummy.


This sparkly shrine was mounted on top of a fake white horse.
Young men would periodically lift this up and hoist it up
and down while people danced around it in concentric circles.


I suspect this place provides all the quinceanera dresses
for the young ladies of St. Paul. I’d lovelovelove to attend one
of these amazing 15th birthday parties one day.

Did you do it up on Cinco de Mayo? What sort of cultural celebrations have you taken part in?

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  1. Elle Sees

    I've always wanted to celebrate a cultural event in the native country/area.
    I got to go to Catholic Mass at the Vatican for Christmas once! I'm not Catholic, but my mom's Italian family is, and I loved paying tribute to them. It was the last Mass of Pop John Paul and it was really special.

  2. Colleen

    My boyfriend is obsessed with what he calls "Mexican Corn" – it's the same as you described. I haven't tried it yet but the mayo aspect freaks me out a little bit.

  3. Tegan

    I live in Phoenix, Arizona which means you don't choose to celebrate Cinco de Mayo, rather it just happens.

    I spent Cinco de Mayo drinking tequila and Dos Equies at a hot tub, then at a bar. Pretty much every AZ place has an insane amount of Hispanic-themed bars and restaurants so its not hard to celebrate Cinco de Mayo.

  4. uglybird

    I don't really do anything for Cinco de Mayo mostly because I don't live in whatever town it was that the war took place. Actually, I don't think it's even celebrated much in Mexico besides in that specific town! Whatever the name of it is eludes me, I suppose I should use my Google & find out. At any rate, I think a more authentic Mexican holiday would be Mexican Independence Day which I believe is in September.

    Basically the way Cinco de Mayo is celebrated reminds me a lot of how people celebrate St. Patrick's day except "Mexican themed". I am a little bit bothered by how Cinco de Mayo is basically just "whee let's get get really drunk from margaritas & eat tacos!" for the most part because I feel it kind of contributes to a stereotype. & with things like Arizona's immigration law, I am really unhappy about negative Mexican stereotypes right now.

    Anyway, I hate to be all party pooper, but that's just my opinion.

  5. Anastasia

    you can come to my kids. You'll have three chances. If your willing to come to Texas for it.

    Love roasted corn like that,a lso with lots of lime for me.


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