Fantasy Home, Yes and Yes Style

A friend recently described the neighborhood that I live in as “vomit-inducing cute.” And while that probably does little to recommend it to you, I can personally vouch for the fact that it is nigh-on idyllic. Quaint coffee shops! Family-run bakeries! Pubs called The Muddy Pig and The Happy Gnome! 

One of my favorite pastimes is wandering through the streets of Cathedral Hill and ogling all the fancy houses that I will never, ever be able to afford. (I live in the smallest apartment in the cheapest building in this little corner of heaven. It’s also cheap because it’s so poorly managed that I often vacuum the halls myself.)Don’t you love giving yourself over to completely unattainable real estate fantasies? Or is that just me being a total yuppie/grown-up? Regardless! Let’s talk dream houses! Mine would include the following:

A chandelier!
Preferably in a completely ridiculous place.
Like my kitchen. Or bathroom. Or walk-in closet.
An awesome, ye olden days stove
No, I don’t need more than two burners.
But I dooooo need all that chrome and enamel
and those gorgeous rounded corners!
A window seat
for book-reading, tea-drinking and basking like a cat.
Or for throwing things outside onto
unsuspecting people doing yard work.
A windowsill herb garden
For all my pesto and Caprese salad needs!
A flowering tree outside my window.
Because I want to be Anne of Green Gables when I grow up.
A library
Totally non-negotiable. Ladder? Also non-negotiable.
A claw-footed bathtub
For soaking, wine-drinking, Morcheeba-listening.
A sink full of ducklings

My true fantasy house would also include a rollerskating rink, a rock-climbing wall and a tele-portation device, but a girl has to be a bit realistic, doesn’t she?What would your fantasy house include?


Penny Dreadful

Totally with you on the library. Mine needs leather armchairs, turkish rug, fireplace, small table to place whisky glass on (even though I don't like whisky) and cat snoozing in front of afermentioned fire on top of aforemention rug.

I should also like a Japanese style bathroom with square bamboo tub, a large farmhouse kitchen, a totally minimalist bedroom for quality snoozing, enabled by a huge over the top closet with all my vintage clothes and hats and feathers and furs and silly shoes and a proper movie star dressing table with a tray of beautiful glass perfume bottles. AND I want a vegetable garden. And an orchard. And a porch with a rocking chair and crocheted blanket for my knees. Ooh and my living room is totally Mad Men and has a sleek cocktail cabinet from which I will make all my friends martinis and slippery nipples.


Great windows but shadowed by trees to create indirect sunlight. A balcony, and a place perfect for my orchid collection.
A bathtub in a belfryish/towerish corner. A water fountain.
High ceiling and just space. Space for books. Space for me. Space for boyfriend. Space for thoughts, books, living, enjoying.


My parents kitchen, a classy bar station built into the living room, chandelier, greenhouse, massive studio with floor to ceiling windows, library!, a vanity, rooms that are decorated to different themes (modern design of the 60s! Zebra print! Technology!), lots of windows…

Ideally, a small house on a big piece of property, so I could take my dog on long rambles in the woods. Oh, & somebody else to clean it. 🙂


Amazing post! I think I join you in fantasizing about every single item on that list, as I sit here in my cheap, high-rise, low-character apartment building with a view onto a parking lot. I think the only thing that would be added to my list would be a big old wrap-around porch. Oh, and a tree swing!

Emy Jo

Mine would be almost entirely kitchen on the main floor. Loads of window seats. The main attraction would be the yard, which would be gardens and chickens and goats.

And of course an enormous walk-in closet with a chandelier and fancy wallpaper from some boutique in Paris. And a lock on the door.


My dream home would have
– one of those circular staircases -a library with a ladder (yes!) – A craft room – A wonderfully plush bedroom – hardwood floors – a french~like bathroom – and a beautifully large kitchen!


My dream home would have a pool that turns into an ice rink at the push of a button, thus combining my two favorite things ever.

Realistically, it would have a very big kitchen equipped with everything I need to dabble in whatever kind of cooking I feel like that day. It would also have the kind of living room that just begs to be relaxed in with big plushy couches, and no pretentious decor.

Naturally, the library is also a must.


oh, baby ducklings. if someone ever wants to give me an amazing birthday surprise they will put these in my bathroom sink before i wake up, take a photo of my glee and then remove the ducklings back to some idyllic pond. i just love that photo.


I'm a habitual peeker. Whenever I walk in the nice areas of DC with the beautiful, old townhomes and cute little yards, I totally look into the windows and check out how awesome the inside is and how fabulously decorated everyone's home seems to be in that area.

Ellie K. S.

There is only one thing the house of my dreams would most definitely have: a courtyard. Lush and green, shaded, flowers, herbs and an outdoor living room, with big French doors opening from the kitchen, dining room, living room and bedrooms. No one could see it from the outside, so it would be my very own Secret Garden that I get to share only with the people I like enough to invite inside. Someday…


I definitely agree on the clawfooted bathtub, and the library, and a climbing wall would be fantastic. (Some friends of the family did actually build a climbing wall up the outside of their house, I'm only slightly jealous.)

I also want a sunny kitchen, with a good hob and oven, a river at the bottom of the garden, a kayak moored in a little boathouse and NO white walls.


Definitely a chandelier, or 7 and a sun room. I'd love a secret room behind a book case too 🙂

Rebecca ♥

Without doubt, it would have a giant library, complete with ceiling-to-floor windows that overlook the beach (which would have to get great breaks). The interior would be white and open, lending itself to lots of light, and look like a gorgeous Cape Cod house, complete with sea roses, ivy, and grape vines. I see your claw-footed tub and raise you a pull-string toilet. Also, a giant ballroom where I could either throw parties or just crank up the music and run around in. State of the art kitchen with a big avocado-colored gas stove and lots of counter space. A grand staircase. And a surf shack (preferably with my very own hot surf instructor).


It's really corny, but it would have to have shutters that actually shut. I'd also want two sturdy trees to hang a hammock between.


you had me at ducklings.

I would most definitely require an open floor plan, perhaps a loft even so I could skate around and not worry about walls. Maybe even a huge trampoline, like Big.

And a screenprinting/art studio


Gay Boyfriend came home from a trip recently and installed a huge chandalier in my teeny, tiny, bordering on disgusting basement kitchen. It's so out of place, it's almost just right.


totally want a chandalier in an odd place! Like above my bed, or in the office.
I am also thinking a sunroom and a wrap around porch. Lots of lemonade drinking, people watching, and partying can result from this.


I'm not really a huge fan of chandeliers, except over the jetted tub in my bathroom! This is one trend I think is awesome… too bad you can't run electricity over a body of water. Minor detail!

In addition to the jetted tub, I'd take a claw-foot tub too. Maybe in the guest bath.

I've always wanted a library and a window seat in my house, too bad my boyfriend is "allergic" to books. The window seat I might have better luck with.

Sometime in the near future,I'm hoping to plant a dogwood tree in my front yard. I'd also love one in the side yard right in front of the kitchen window, but I don't think there's enough room. My mother has a blooming crap apple tree right outside her kitchen window, and it was also such a pretty thing to see first thing on a spring morning.

In addition to this, I'd like an in-ground pool to lounge by with a hot tub above, complete with waterfall from the tub to the pool. (Yeah, I'm a big dreamer.) And then a hammock under a huge shady oak tree to read in during the summer.


my fantasy home includes all of those too, except the ducks. too much work. my REAL home includes a window seat, because i made it! and you can too! you don't even need a window or a nook, you can create an artificial one using bookshelves or something. i just put existing cabinets on their back side and then drilled a cool-looking door to make the front and threw on a foam pad and a million pillows! i love it 🙂
but yes, a library. fortunately my fiance and i both agree on that one.


A large kitchen with a viking brand stove – preferably the old fashion kind AND a brick oven. I also need an island with cutting board wood and a walk-in pantry.
– sun porch
– outdoor porch with porch swing
– hardwood floors
– game room
– library
– computer room
– craft room
– master bathroom with jacuzzi bathtub, separate 3-person shower with multiple shower heads and his and her sink/storage area
– walk-in closet

A large family to live in it with me 🙂


I plan to live in a library. Or at least a house full of books, in every room except the bathroom, wet books are no good!


I've got dreams of my own library. I once designed a floor plan of my dream house for an architecture class in high school, and the library took up the entire second floor. :-p

Any tips on starting a windowsill herb garden for a balcony-less apartment dweller?


Just an FYI, if you ever do move into that house, you will have to adopt me.

I like cheese and thrift stores! It will be all good, won't it?

P.S. I will also clean up after the ducks.


my dream home would tots include a deer and rabbit-proof garden. other highlights include good built-in storage and exposed hardwood beams and floors.

Georgie Craw

You forgot a sleeping nook! (I had to restrain myself from shouting that at you in capitals). After the library and ladder it's the most important thing.

Strawberry Templetons

I must pass on the library ladder because I'd surely have way too much fun with it and either break it, or break myself. It'd be the ladder that slides back and forth like in Beauty and the Beast. Secretly, I'd try to recreate that scene. Let's not tell anyone.

I'm with you on daydreaming about dream homes. There are so many things I'd love!

Mostly, the ducklings in the sink. 🙂


My dream house is actually a train, Wild Wild West the TV series style. The only problem besides money is where I would park it ,and who would drive/guard it while I was off on adventures ?


We must stop being the same person. Overachieving german/virgo/eldest child, world travel loving and wanting to be Anne of Green Gables? It is too too much!

Lynda G.

Great ideas! Love it all and especially love the library and the window seat! Maybe a window seat IN the library?!?!?!? 😀


I enjoyed the pictorial representation of your idea of the quintessential abode. Although I must admit it does lack in one, most obvious and often over-looked, area… the spiral staircase ! 'Ahh of course', you're saying…'how could I have been so disregarding of such helicoidal goodness?' You're forgiven because your pictures and your writings are pretty and pleasing to my eyes and mind.


I enjoyed the pictorial representation of your idea of the quintessential abode. Although I must admit it does lack in one, most obvious and often over-looked, area… the spiral staircase ! 'Ahh of course', you're saying…'how could I have been so disregarding of such helicoidal goodness?' You're forgiven because your pictures and your writings are pretty and pleasing to my eyes and mind.
I left the wrong link to my blog, how embarrassing.

Liz OT

'A flowering tree outside my window.
Because I want to be Anne of Green Gables when I grow up.'

This is the story of my life. Also, I would love to be a squatter in this glorious dream home of yours. I will be your personal dream-squatter. Maybe a less creepy official term is in order.


I used to live in a house with a claw foot bath. And it's just as awesome as you'd think. Modern baths just can't compare!

I think my fantasy house would be self-cleaning! That would be the best.


You area talking about my dream house's design! lol..

Haha.. I have always dream have having this type of design and I definately want a library room and A window seat. Now I can't sto imagining =)


I fantasize about my dream house all the time. But I believe someday I'll get it. I've just got to find me a rich man. Mmm-hm. It will include…

an amazing kitchen (decorated in pink and brown); a beautiful backyard (this house is in California, so I'll entertain in the perfect weather all the time); a ginormous walk-in closet; a scrapbooking room; two and a half bathrooms–one regular, a half for guests, and one that is like, my special, spa bathroom, one I use only when I want to relax and get away; a home theater; my perfect exercise room; a library; and a game room/man cave for my husband. It will be wonderful. I guess I don't have a lot of specific *things* I want in it, like you do, I just know what rooms I want. The things will come later.


My dream house would definately include a porch with a rocking chair so I can read while sipping iced tea in the summer, a large kitchen with plenty of counter space so I could bake all day long, and a little room filled with bookshelves and a cozy fireplace, with piles of blankets in an armchair for cold winter nights!


I am in love with that window seat. I want a window seat in my library. I tend to be more practical in my house daydreams, so I have a very well organized laundry room in the house in my head, and an attached garage because I hate having to go out in the mornings to a freezing or overheated car. I am slightly kitchen obsessed and even though I am not even close to buying a house I have the paint colors picked out (this pretty light yellow and creamy white :). I love house posts, they always make me want to just buy a house and remodel/decorate.


Yes to all of those things! I would love a space of my own to decorate right now. Mine would be full of period features, a roaring fire (preferably in a fireplace!), a terrace with planters growing my own vegetables and the library is *so* non-negotiable!


I have never desired to personally be in a sorority (drama no thank you!) but on those rare occasions when I walk down sorority row sometimes I stop and just stare at the houses… their colonial-style white columns– an intimidating sort of grace only seen in southern architecture– perfectly manicured tea gardens on sprawling lawns, balconies complete with white french doors, and of course the giant chandelier in the foyer which can be seen clearly from the street.

I go back to my one room, one window apartment and know that even I, the usually-proud-to-live-humbly I, am not immune to material jealousy. But I know I can always just put on my favorite party dress, close my eyes, and sit down to tea at one of those dainty tables any time I like. I'm lucky to have what I have, and at least my imagination can take me anywhere I like, money or not.


I want to live in a hobbit-like cob home surrounded by rambling, crazy gardens and a green roof. The kitchen needs to open to an outside cooking area with open fire pit.

I'll need a loft bedroom with a thick, yummy comforter and I'll also sign up for that library with ladder. Of course I would also like a treehouse art studio in the back yard with a hammock beneath.


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