Operation Lady Closet!

When I was a wee little Von I actively fantasized about the following things:

1) He-man coming to life off my beach towel and becoming my boyfriend
2) finding an abandoned baby otter, rescuing it from certain death and then raising it as my very own
3) having a fancy, lady-like vanity, all full of mirrored trays and power puffs and cut-glass bottles.
I have yet to realize either of those first two goals (though not for lack of trying, Prince Adam!) but a few weeks ago, I put the finishing touches on what I am calling Operation Lady Closet. I successfully transformed my rather meh closet into an oasis of fancy, schmancy organization. Let’s take a look, shall we?
Before: my messy, mismanaged (and apparently blurry) closet.
Doesn’t that look heaps better? I painted everything
with a satin-finish white and added fancy (fake) cut glass knobs.

p.s. I styled the sweet bejesus out of this photo. My wardrobe
does not really consist exclusively of black, white and tourquise
clothes. But they photograph well, don’t they?

My bangle collection has gotten slightly out of hand.
Now I just stack them around pretty bottles that I’ve
picked up here and there.
I picked up these crates at the Salvation Army for a
dollar a piece and painted them with left over chalkboard
paint. Now they corral all my fancy lady tidbits.
Mirrored tray full of perfume? Childhood fantasy fulfilled!
I added these cork board squares to the door to post
outfits photos that inspire me. Or convince me not
to wear my yoga pants to the supermarket. Again.
What’s your closet situation? Any awesome storage tips to share?



I have always wanted a mirrored perfume tray, too! With atomizers! I think I've lived most of my life believing I have just way too much stuff/clothing/shoes when really I have just had inadequate closets which force me to squeeeeze things in and then not know what I really have or where to find it! Thanks for the suggestions . . . perhaps a weekend project was just inspired for me!


I always wanted a vanity too, but never had enough room (or a reason to have one when I was younger, I had to be forced to brush my hair more than once a week with threats), but I finally got one last year. It's nice to fulfill childhood fantasies πŸ™‚

Elle Sees

Love it! Mine's horrible! I have huggable hangers, which is LOVE, but the closet needs help. One day I'm gonna reorganize. Soon!


Wow! I have something like this, but it isn't all in one place. My perfume is on my bookshelf, makeup on my desk, etc.

It looks wonderful!


Yet again, I am in the exact same place, having just moved to a place with a glorious closet. I've been dreaming and scheming my organizational plan of attack. This is some great inspiration. Thanks!


I love:
* the boxes you got at Salvation Army
* bottles that hold your bangles
* cork board with inspiring pictures

Your closet is amazing! Great job!


Are you saying there's something wrong with wearing yoga pants to the supermarket?
Well..this is an interesting development.

PS I LOVE your closet. You have inspired me to wish I wasn't going to be a nomad for the next few months.


I've always had a vanity – I never quite understood watching my friends stand uncomfortably in the bathroom to do their hair and make up! At the moment I have a very small vanity, but it is there none the less! Wish I could make my cupboard look like that – at the moment I have to use the cheap, freestanding one that came with my rental haha.


Inspiring! I'm a pretty big fan of organizing by way of "pile on floor" until it gets too out of hand and then I throw it all into the wash! When it comes out clean, my sweet boyfriend puts it away for me!


I've been trying to reorganise my wardrobe but it's just not big enough! I think it's time to donate or sell a bunch of clothes.

I got some of those hanging shelf things to put in my wardrobe. It has five sections so I was going to get my work outfits organised at the beginning of the week then have one shelf per day — ultra organised, but it hasn't happened yet πŸ™‚


I love the chalkboard bins! Great idea! My closet is currently overflowing and mostly on the floor, but I will correct that this summer πŸ™‚

Sarah Von Bargen

Jess! That's why those high heels are artfully displayed and not hanging on my shoe rack on the back of the door with all my ballet flats! ;D


I've been seriously considering putting my news heels out on the shelf like you have (and not in clear boxes or whatever). However, what I've been worried about is that they'll collect dust, just as the bottom of my wardrobe does. Does the shoe shop display work–is it easy to maintain?


I think we had the same childhood. πŸ˜€ I had such a cartoon crush on He-Man that I would cry if it wasn't on when i came home from school.

And I wanted the vanity as well.


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