Valley Of The Dollhouses

Y’all might know that I’ve got a special place in my heart for all things tiny. Tiny animals! Tiny houses! Shakira! So I’m obviously intrigued by these fantastic, modern dollhouses and the adorable mid-century furniture that people are filling them with.I don’t know about you, but my childhood dollhouses were milk crates wallpapered in wrapping paper and my Barbies drove one of my mom’s old ballet flats. But I digress. Cute tiny stuff!

I would very happily hire Rick Moranis to shrink me so
I could live here. And eat giant Oreos.
I want to be tiny and perch coyly on that tiny pink couch.

Sooooo much cuter than all that pink, plastic Playskool
stuff, don’t you think?
Miniature shag carpet equals yes.

So cute! Did you have a dollhouse as a kid? Would you buy one like this – for a kiddo? Or, um, yourself?


Emy Jo

My parents got me an enormous Victorian dollhouse when I was a kid. We've been slowly "remodeling" it for years — carpeting, wallpaper, kitschy knick-knacks, everything. It's still sitting in their house, just waiting for me to settle down and get a house so I can take it with me. If my husband and I only have sons, ho help me, they will play with a dollhouse.


Love it! I've always wanted the mini tents and sleeping bags they have as displays at sporting good stores.

Emy Jo- I'm jealous of your house. I have always wanted to make one of those since I was little.

Elle Sees

I had a Barbie one that I remodeled. I had a toilet and washing machine, because I was all for accuracy. I also had a younger Barbie who had her room "painted" with blue glitter fingernail polish. It was a phase she was going through!


Wow! They are far too perfect for kids! I had a victorian dolls house and loved it. These are something else though.


I had this wooden one from I'm not sure where… the furniture was all wood too, & my mom sewed me a little family to live there (and most of my other small toys came for a visit too!).

My friend is a set designer, & she has to build model-boxes when she presents her design ideas to a director, & I like to think of her as a professional doll house maker… little things are so much fun!


So cute! I could think that some pictures were real houses, if you didn't say they where doll houses!

My barbies had houses with imaginary walls… and sometime with imaginary furniture too XD


Ugh. I'm super jealous. I never had anything like that.
Nuh-uh. 😐

I should've known with the modern changes we're making Barbie would have to come to realize that 50's sundresses and Bewitched-esque styled houses and cars just wouldn't cut it anymore.
Although, I have no problem with it. πŸ™‚

melina bee

wow, these are so adorable, especially the super mid-century retro one with the pink couch. I never had a doll house nor many dolls as a kid. Which may explain my current obsession with miniatures and dolls?


So adorably cute! My mom made my sister and I a dollhouse when we were young. It is still in my parent's house and I plan to pass it on to my children. Such fond memories!


I love how you talk about your childhood, I think I will have to keep my ballet flats now to give my future kids as barbie cars πŸ™‚


I've always loved dollhouses because I've always had a thing for miniatures. I just adore little stuff like this.


My four-story Victorian with the green trim was pretty sweet, but the Kibbenminsters (my dollhouse family) would have looooved to live in one of these. πŸ™‚

Monster Girl

Wow, these are amazing. My dollhouse was pretty cool – it was made by prisoners, my parents picked it up from a "prison yard sale" (um, what?) so that makes it way more cooler than it would be if they got it somewhere else, I like to think, haha. But I would have killed for a fancy one when I was little! Heck, I want a big fancy one now! If I have a daughter, she's going to have to share πŸ™‚


seems dollhouses just get more genius in idea as the years go by!
I hate dolls now, but I did play with them when I was younger. I don't think I had a dollhouse, but I made some makeshift ones out of tissue boxes and cardboard!

I do like dollhouses now though, especially victorian ones. Out of the ones you posted here, I really enjoy the 1st,5th,6th and 7th ones.

little girl

These are amazing!!! I want all of them! When I was a kid we would go to the local hardware store and buy tiny plates and furniture and such, and these small toy bunnies and bears, and played games with them called 'little people' where they would have houses set up on the top of books, and would act out countless dramas. I think we were preparing ourselves to be soap opera writers.


Oh my golly, I'm in love with these! I had a Barbie Dream House as a child which I loved dearly. I even had the deluxe refrigerator and bath set and all that for it. But these are all way cooler.


I always wanted one like that as a kid and use to make tiny beds and things. I would totally get that for my girls. ahem. me.


Love dollhouses. Love all things miniature. Seeing the Queen's dollhouse at Windsor Castle in England is incredible, if you ever get the chance. =) I had two dollhouses growing up–a plastic one, and then when I was eleven my dad and brother handmade a gorgeous wooden one and I had the best time filling it up with furniture and things.


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