Fact: Japanese Cats Exponentially More Awesome Than All Other Cats

You guys? The Japanese are kicking our asses in the international sport of Cat Awesome-ry. First, there was Maru then there was that Japanese standing cat. And now? Well, I just spent an hour clicking through the indecipherable links on this blog. Some photos, you say?

I’ve discussed this with Putin, in hopes that he’ll do his patriotic duty and take it to 11, but I don’t think he’s interested.



The one with the head down is priceless. I would feel the same way if someone stuffed me in a basket! lol…


I have to agree with this blog entry 110%! When my husband and I were living in Japan we adopted Sierra and she was a most awesome cat. I just lost her to diabetes complications in November but she gave me 12 great years of fuzzy friendship 🙂


Wow, that Maru cat is ridiculously funny! It kinda makes me want to teach my cat embarassing tricks and take embarassing pics of her… I think she would frown on that, though.


Haha, these are cute!

The only thing my cat Tonic is willing to do is stare into the camera with evil eyes.


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