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The most intimdating activity lurking in my ’31 New Things’ list is not, as you might expect, taking a stripper-cize or trapeze class (though I can’t really walk in heels and I’m not particularly coordinated).I’m rather afraid of attempting an all-raw diet for two weeks.

My love affair with cheese has been well documented and few things comfort me more than a plate full of processed carbohydrates. But I do enjoy a challenge. And I suspect that I would also enjoy the glowing skin and super-human amounts of energy that allegedly accompany this diet. So why not, right?

Next week, I’m going to start eating two raw meals a day and midway through June I’m going to attempt (attempt, I tell you!) two full weeks of raw-ery. Hopefully this will go better than when I tried to go vegan and just ended up eating noodles with margarine all.the.time.

Have any of you tried the all-raw diet? Any advice or easy recipes? Do I really need to buy a dehydrator and a food processor? Are all my friends going to stop inviting me over for dinner because I’ll bring salad after salad after salad?



I've been a vegan for about 6 years and recently went about 80% raw. You'll be surprised by how many delicious things you can cook (or rather chop.. a lot of chopping) up. Tahini is used in many recipes, and you'll start to realize how delicious citrus it. Weird, but that's what happened to me. Anyway.. don't stress about being 100% raw. That goal is a little tough, especially if you're going from a completely regular, unrestricted diet. It's really not as intimidating as it seems though, if you take some time with it.

Try out this soup, delicious.

Good luck πŸ™‚


Eeep! Good luck! Going raw for a few weeks is on my bucket list, but I don't think I'll try it just yet…especially not now that it's winter and all I want to do is eat massive bowls of pasta. Sigh.


Wow, do you have the recipe for the salad in the photo? It looks awesome!

And good luck. All raw is not for everyone, I think it depends on your constitution. πŸ™‚

Lorra Fae

You do NOT need a dehydrator, though it's fun.

I've been on a raw diet for over 2 years now, and believe me, the more you read about it, the more fascinating it becomes.

Also, you don't NEED to be vegan – if you want to keep cheese in your diet, locate some raw grass-fed dairy/cheese! There are no hard and fast rules about being a raw foodist, there are different ways of doing it. Not all raw foodies are vegans (I'm a beegan cuz I eat raw honey). Actually, a lot of well known raw vegans are now adding raw egg and dairy into their diets. This is because the raw vegan diet is very cleansing, but once you get really clean – which can take years – there seems to be a missing element, which can be some animal protein – there is good and bad sources of these, though. I am vegan for ethical reasons, mostly, but if I had my own chickens I might add in an egg here and there).
Anyway I can ramble about this for aaaages. If you want someone as support I can help you, no problemo, Senor.
I recommend reading Victoria Boutenko – this is who I started out with. Raw Family is a very small and inspiring book.

Also, in terms of recipes and making food – a blender is pretty much your needed item. It will make your life so much better, even if you don't go 100% raw. Your friends will probably rejoice if you bring them some delicious raw concoction, as mine do. I bring a bag of food with me every day to work (I have to) and people there are always fascinated by what I bring (it's rarely fancy, either) and most of them go mental for it once they get taste. So, you can always be the bringer of healthy deliciousness to people πŸ™‚
Check out Ani Phyo's recipe books, they're nice and simple!
Good luck, and remember, I will happily support you via email etc!


I would echo Lorra Fae's advice. I was raw for nearly a year before realizing that I couldn't figure out how to make it work for me. So I would add that if it doesn't make you feel good and healthy and happy (outside of some detox issues you might encounter), stop. Always listen to your body!

My favorite raw book is Natalia Rose's The Raw Food Detox Diet. I really like her perspective on it. Good luck!


A friend of mine, his family eat raw, and I have to say their raw icecream was pretty damn amazing. I'm also addicted to snacking on their sprouts, the way I used to snack on peanuts or chips. Best of luck with this hey πŸ™‚


Gazpacho! that's a cold tomato soup that is spiced up w/peppers. u would have to blend up the tomatoes which u can get canned. several organic canned tomatoes out there…go to foodnetwork.com u can find a recipe there.


I am completely inspired by your willingness to try new things and create a list. It is something that I sit here reading, thinking, "I could do that" but really I just don't know.

So excited to see what happens!


I've never cooked a proper "raw food" meal, but every raw food restaurant I've ever been to has been completely DEEEElicious! If I was going on a raw food diet for two weeks, I would probably only eat at restaurants! (and berries – I'd eat lots of berries)


I imagine that being vegetarian would make it a little easier to transition to a raw food diet, seeing as a lot of the foods vegetarians eat at least CAN be eaten raw… I mean, I've been fully vegetarian for about a month now and I find myself eating a lot more raw food anyhow. Do update us on how this goes!

Canadian Twentysomething

Good luck with this! I already have to avoid gluten so I've been hesistant to put anymore restrictions in my diet, but this sounds so interesting!

I do want to warn about raw egg though! Not because of salmonella, etc. but because raw egg whites contain a compound that prevents the absorption of biotin (a B vitamin, very important). So if you're going to eat raw egg, include the yolk! It's a reaaally excellent source of biotin.

Awesome blog! πŸ™‚


I'm trying being a Vegetarian soon, so it's cool that you're doing this- even though it's not exactly the same!


I am a vegan and have just started to appreciate the raw food lifestyle. I'm still not 'raw' by any means but I'm on my way, I start each day with a green smoothie for one which I just love, seriously I can't imagine how I ever lived without them. I've also tried my hand at quite a few raw desserts and I have to say they rock! You can check out some of the desserts on my blog, the raw vegan cheesecake is unbelievable!!



Haha, I tried to go raw for a week for an article for my student newspaper & I gave up after 3 days because I was sick already with a cold and didn't feel it gave me enough energy & nourishment to recover. I then threw up after eating my first cooked meal. It's a *shock* to the body, but good luck! I felt really healthy (I guess just psychologically) eating so many veggies for a couple days, but I didn't notice any leaps & bounds in the energy department… I hope it works out for you. πŸ™‚


I've been vegan for 4 years and go back and forth between a raw and cooked diet. I did a 30 day 100% raw diet a few months ago and am planning on it again next month. I would suggest doing it when the weather is warm and make sure you prepare a lot of food ahead of time, as prep can get annoying after a while.

oh and as for your cheese obsession. THIS is heaven:

Mama Ventura

Going raw for a month is on my 30 before 30 list! I am already vegan, so I am hoping I might have a leg up πŸ™‚ I am excited to see how it goes for you!

Healthy and Homemade

Going raw makes you feel SO good!! Your body is jam packed of crazy good nutrients. There are a lot of raw things you can purchase too, don't worry about getting a dehydrator and stuff.

If there's a Whole Foods or other health store around you then you can buy pre-made delicious vegan food ^_^


Let us know how it goes, I'm pretty tempted with raw diet, but I think I won't be able to follow it untill I live with my parents…


It's something I'd absolutely love to try out at some point – probably when I can drive, as at the moment I don't have time to buy fresh food every couple of days, I bulk shop which I think would be pretty incompatible with the raw lifestyle.

I'm looking forward to hearing how it goes!

miss morgan p

As mentioned before, all you really need is a blender. A few tips from my affair with raw:

Your staples are now fruits, veggies and nuts; don't forget the nuts (buy them in bulk at Whole Foods). Salads can be amazing if you load them with sprouts, berries, nuts, and homemade dressing. Blend yourself a different green drink every morning, and add agave (or honey) for sweetener.

If you're only doing it for a week, I'd say most of your food will be smoothies, salads and snacking. It'll take a while to get bored of those, especially since you can snack on anything, and doesn't require any fancy cooking skills. It's only if you get more committed to it that you want a food processor/dehydrator.

Good luck!


Oh my goodness… everyone is WAAAYYY more positive than I am.

I've been veggie for 12 years and tried to do a raw diet for 1 (1!!!!!) week only and it was a slice of hell.

I think you'll see the benefits way more by doing it for two weeks. By the end of the first week I was so effing grumpy and hungry. All I wanted to do was drown myself in chocolate, pepsi and cheese. Oh… dear sweet cheese.

Maybe I should make another attempt…. I'll see how your attempt goes first.


Chrissy (The New Me)

I'm vegan but not raw, though I try to make all my between meal snacks raw (fruits, veggies, Lara Bars). I hope you blog some of the recipes you end up liking – it would be awesome to incorporate raw meals into my diet. Good luck!


I did a raw diet last year when two of my close friends decided to try the Master Cleanse. I knew that was too intense for me but wanted to be supportive of them so I did raw only for a week. The first few days were really rough but by the end of it I felt really refreshed and my stomach was far less bloated. It helped me be more choosy about what I ate for a few months afterward too as I didn't want to undo all my hard work with food that's bad for me. I really loved big piles of chopped cabbage with lemon juice and chopped cilantro – satisfied the salt cravings I have on a daily basis. Good luck!


Vegan here. I've never gone anywhere near fully raw, but intend to try it for a few weeks at some point, like you. A dehydrator is absolutely unnecessary unless you're super committed long term. Also, if you want to be ambitious, you can use your oven as a dehydrator (google it!)

If you have any sort of blender or food processor already, a great trick is to freeze very ripe bananas, chop them up, and food process them with a little milk (almond, soy, anything) of some sort. You get banana soft serve ice cream.

Check out this blog for a bunch of tips and recipes. It's less intimidating than it looks.


This is the banana soft serve recipe:


Good luck!

Ana Lorena Meza Orrante

Here's a recipe if you crave pasta!

Blend 5 medium tomatoes, italian seasoning, onion, garlic or kelp and fresh basil (to taste) to make the sauce. To make spaghetti grate a butternut squah lenghtwise. You can use some grated cauliflower as a substitute for grated cheese.
Pour sauce over spaghetti, add some cheese and voilΓ !

The first couple of days are the hardest, but just drink a lot of water to flush toxins and avoid headaches, and go to bed early. Past those few days, you'll feel with a lot of energy.
Having fruit in the morning also helps. πŸ™‚

I ate all raw for a while, along with two aunts and a cousin, so I got a lot of help. But we couldn't stick to it longterm.

Let us know how everything goes and good luck!!


when i tried the raw diet, this was my favourite (often breakfast) recipe — 2 frozen bananas, a couple of dates, a spoon of raw agave, some cashews & vanilla — processed until it becomes the texture of icecream. freakin amazing.


check out these blogs for amazing recipes

Also don't be too strict. All you 'll manage to do is think about the things you can't eat and won't be able to focus on all the amazing things raw foodism has to offer. And you can eat cheese it's raw. As to why raw diet is good for you check out these blogs http://www.choosingraw.com/
http://kimberlysnyder.net/ I am a vegan trying to eat as raw as possible and let me tell you its easier and better for you than what people want you to to believe. And by going vegan I was able to overcome my cheese addiction. Not overnight, but soon enough, it's all in our minds, and we can live without it.


Hi there,

my hon's mom is going raw now for three years and she just makes delicious stuff out of anything.

Interested in how it went. And if you're still up to it.

But basically I'd agree with Lorra Fae, all you need is a good blender. Also, you don't even need a dehydrator: you can always take a washing bag to get almost all the juice out of fruit and just spread the remaining stuff on a baking sheet/paper and let it dry on air and get some amazing raw bread or wafers and so on out of this.

There are even cupcakes!

Hope your still on it! Great goal!


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