Like Glee – But With 11-Year-Olds

How awesome is this? I looooove Phoenix (the French pop band behind the original version of this song) but I think I might just love this version better. Don’t you love all the dramatic eye-closing and gestures?! I was a total choir kid (and even a Madrigal!) so this gets me in my nerdy, music soft spot.

Even better? This choir has covered Viva La Vida, Forever Young and Empire State of Mind. And it’s only a matter of time till somebody makes a (slightly cheesy) inspirational movie about that choir director, right? I imagine him being played by James Franco for some reason.



I've been following this group for about 6 months… Mr. B. has a blogger site here as well… They're awesome… Each semester the groups change and get better and better.


As a fellow ex-musical theatre nerd kid, that just made my day! So adorable the kids and the teacher are just so very sweet. Plus, I would absolutely watch that film πŸ˜‰

On another note, I just saw on your 31 things list "Attend a roller derby" – I just went to my first ever roller derby a couple of weeks ago. It was such incredible fun, I immediately bought tickets for the next bout. You (all) must go, it's so fun and high-energy, I loved it!


Oh, yay. I was a choir nerd, too, all the way from middle school through college, spending most of those years in Madrigal ensembles. Some of my most happy memories are in the context of choir. So I'm glad to hear you know what an awesome experience it is. It's magic! Okay. Maybe I shouldn't say I WAS a choir nerd in the past tense. πŸ™‚


I've been reading your blog for about a month, and I have to thank you for the awesome music that you post each week! Thanks so much!!


these kids are AMAZING! i loved being in the chorus in high school, and i love that theyre trying to promote the importance of arts in schools


I love those kids. I saw their rendition of Tori Amos' Flying Dutchman about a year ago, they are so awesome πŸ™‚


That video was great! I'm enjoying reading your blog (getting into reading all sorts of blogs, and writing my own)… anyway, I appreciate what you're offering up here so thanks for writing!

Oh, and I hate Glee… but that's okay…!


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