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totally agree w/this… it is sad that some don't even have the basics- ability to read is the utmost important thing to be able to do!. some definitely need to get their priorities in order. mind if i borrow this? i'd like to open a few eyes w/this.


Shared, with credit.

I love this. And it feels so very appropriate to me at this point in my life. I get so caught up in the little things sometimes. Stepping back and truly appreciating all that I'm blessed with is necessary to keep it all in perspective.


After my 'down in the dumps' kind of day, I needed this.

i borrowed it and added it to my blog.

Sometimes you do need a little perspective.


This is great! Thankyou for posting, I'd come across the list but never seen it so beautifully presented!


Half the world is not illiterate. Yes they cannot read English but that does not mean they are stupid. I think you need to research facts before you post them. Some people are happy with a simple life and don't need the fancy things of America. Save your liberal bias

Sarah Von Bargen


The entire point of these statistics is to remind those of us who live in first world countries that we are very, very lucky and that the things we consider problems (car payments, acne, college loan payment) are luxuries. This is not a commentary on the the way other people live or the validity of their lifestyles. I'm sure that very few people living in war torn countries or without shelter would actively choose that lifestyle.

But I'm sure you already knew that, right? πŸ™‚

Chrissy (The New Me)

Anon, it seems you've completely missed the point of the poster. As Sarah said, the poster is asking us to recognize and appreciate the privileges we have. As for people being happy with the "simple life," I would hardly call things like a roof over your head, enough to eat, an education, and health for all people evidence of a "liberal bias." They're called basic human rights.


point taken — needed this today to get me out of my pity party . thank you (different anonymous than above πŸ™‚


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