31 New Things: Go to The Rollerderby

Let me be honest here, friends. This new thing? I did it, like, five months ago. It was a second date with a gentleman who, I’m afraid, didn’t make the cut for a third date. After he told me that he was bad with money and got stoned on the daily, we wondered around in the rain for half an hour because he couldn’t remember where he parked his car. Awesome.However! None of this detracts from the fact that the Minnesota Rollergirls make for a great Saturday night. There were short skirts and crazy nicknames and impressive feats of rollerskating! There was a Guns and Roses cover band that played during the intermission! There were those giant pretzels with that neon orange fake cheese sauce!

It would have made for a great date, if it hadn’t been wasted on a guy who can’t remember street names.

Have you ever been to a roller derby? What did you think?



*laughs* Is it terrible that I like bad date stories? I mean, I'm not glad that the person had a bad date, but it makes for amusing reading.


I'm not altogether sure what a roller derby is, but you had me with the Guns n Roses cover band. Sounds like an awesome night out. The guy? Not so much.


The local roller derby is so close to my house and, when I moved here, I was like yay, I'll be able to go to the roller derby, but I've not even been once!


Every time I watch a bout, I get so worked up and scream so loudly that I'm without my voice for like, the next week. I think that so much excitement is probably kind of bad for me.


I'm a member of the Dublin Roller Girls, we're about 6-7 months old and although we're one of three leagues in Ireland we have a head start on the others so there hasn't been any bouting yet. I've only watched bouts online but I'm hoping to get over to the UK to see something live some time before Christmas, which will be totally different and really exciting.


I would like to watch and participate in a roller derby. I have a feeling that I would be knowcked down, knocked out and roller-d right over but it would be badass…


So cool! I'd love to go to a roller derby sometime.

Also…it would be so cool if you could interview a roller girl for one of your True Life interviews….hinthint!


Awesome! There was a roller derby in Wellington the other night but I couldn't find anyone to go with me, so when someone at work asked me if I could do their shift, I said okay. Of course, after I said I could work, I found a whole bunch of people who were going to the derby. Damn. Next time!


Ohhh we go to roller derbys, infact, I've started holding FinestImaginary stalls at them. A friend of mine is on the Leeds Roller Dolls team and got me involved with going to the events & selling my goods πŸ™‚

It's a little difficult to get to grips with the rules at first, but it's a super fun game to watch.

The ones in the UK aren't as massive as they are in the USA yet, though, and we just have them in sports-halls at the moment!


I've always wanted to go to a roller derby after seeing the movie "Whip It" It looks so fun! I'll definitely have to find one so I can attend.

Vitamin K

I went to my fourth roller derby match on Saturday in fact!
We packed the TSB Arena in Wellington with 4000 people (which is a LOT for Wellington) and we drank the place dry. It was an awesome night, even if my team didn't win. πŸ˜€

Next bout is September 4th.


I've been to a Pgh vs. Philadelphia bout. I'm kinda torn how a feminist is supposed to feel about a bunch of women presenting themselves in a purposely sexualized manner. It seems a bit demeaning to women.

What about a sport where men don't wear shirts and run around in underwear that says "Look here." I'm torn.


The best team name that ever came to Sioux Falls to play the Rollerdolls was Gang Green. I LOVE THAT.


I've skated derby with the Jersey Shore Roller Girls for nearly 3 years now. I barely remember life before it but it's so awesome, why would I want to? πŸ˜‰
I love hearing people say they've had a great time at bouts, so glad you've enjoyed them!!!


I went to the roller derby for the first time two weeks ago while impromptu vacationing in Iowa. The Mid Iowa Roller Girls were pretty great, but I'm excited to finally checking out the Kansas City Roller Warriors this weekend!

I wish I had the guts and rough-and-toughness to be a rollergirl.


Yay derby!! I joined the Central City Rollergirls here in the UK about 2 months ago. Obviously I'm still learning and I'm way way too new to participate in any bouts but it's SO much fun, I'm addicted!

You should add 'learn to skate with a roller derby team' to your list!!


Just had my first taste of roller derby last weekend, I am now officially obsessed and I can't wait to go again, it was FAB!


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