Helping Uganda’s Kids, One Reader at a Time

I am pretty regularly amazed by the sheer awesome-ness of Yes and Yes readers. Good lord, but you guys are an amazing bunch. You with the PhD! You with all the full passport! You with that crazy shiny hair! Stop already, you’re many the rest of us look bad.
A reader that particularly blows my mind? One Ms. Gabi Dickinson. Since the age of 10 (10!) Gabi has been interested in Africa and concerned about children growing up there without access to clean water, a balanced diet or education. Last summer, Gabi was finally able to visit Africa for the first time and was pretty sure she never wanted to leave again.

After her time in Uganda, Gabi returned to the UK determined to do something for the children she met. And she is! Gabi is in the process of setting up her own NGO (non-government organization) that will provide food, shelter, education and lots of love to orphans that are referred to her through local organizations.

Like any NGO starting out, Gabi’s work needs funds. Any amount will help. You can peruse the orphanage’s amazon wishlist here. Talk to Gabi about her work or make a donation by emailing herheartbeatsafrica(at) googlemail (dot) com


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