In Which We Remember That Life’s Too Short

You guys! 2010 is halfway over! It seems like it was just a few weeks ago that I was slogging through the snow and fantasizing about July and striped swimsuits. And now, all of a sudden, it’s swimsuit season and I can’t quite figure out where the last four months of my life went. I feel like it was just a few months ago that I was listening to Blink 182 in my dorm room and going to quarter taps at The Met. But that was eight years ago!

I’d like the state the obvious here and remind all of us that life is short. And I’m pretty sure it’s too short to:

* hold grudges
* wear uncomfortable shoes
* pretend you don’t like that band/tv show/movie/book
* wait for that cutie to call you back
* be hung up about your hips/upper arms/boobs/thighs
* hang out with people that don’t realize how awesome you are
* go to a job that you hate
* avoid that food that you love
* pretend you like roller coasters/scary movies/sushi
* put off doing that thing that excites you

What about you? How would you complete the sentence “Life’s too short to….”


Lady Smaggle

So needed this today!

Life's too short to…

*worry about toxic people
*be hungover more than occasionally
*waste your health
*to wear sensible clothes

so funny that the pretend to like things are all things I love! I pretend to like snooty literature, indie music and modern art. But no more!

Thank you darling, this brightened my day! X


*miss the opportunity to spend time with your loved ones because you have to spend the whole night working
*miss sleep because you have to spend the whole night working
*miss yoga because you have to spend the whole night working
*not get a cat
*not write that book
*not eat that cupcake


To blame other people for the opportunites you've missed or the things you haven't achieved. Sure you could be the best in the world if you had perfect parents, perfect teachers and a whopping great cheersquad behind you — but no one has that in life, so accept what you do have and where you have come from then move on.


Ooohh this is such a good one!
Even though I do like roller coasters, scary movies and sushi!

Life's too short to:
– be scared of possibilities
– avoid trying (new) things
– procrastinate what you like, for some sense of guilt

Hope I do remember this for myself too!

Heidi Rose

Thank you. This is among many of your other posts which I am bookmarking separately so I may easily find them again. πŸ™‚

(I really don't like roller coasters, scary movies, or sushi)


Life is too short not to be emotionally open. And too short to waste on people who aren't comfortable with that.


Love this list…

Life's too short to…
-not be nice
-to get mired down with regret or guilt
-skip dessert
-not be curious
-not document it
-let your pants size determine your state of happiness for the day
-not to love unabashedly
-go to bed early (ok, well, sometimes you have to)


-try to please everyone.
-care what people think of you.
-gotta second the "skip dessert."sleep eight hours a day (seriously, why are we spending a third of our lives sleeping?)

Loved this post. But roller coasters do kick ass.


Life is too short to worry about anything that you cannot control.

Life is too short to wait around for something or someone else to make you happy – happiness is a decision.

Life is too short to not have fun more often than you already do.

somewhere else

I got this wakeupcall on the weekend. I found out a friend of mine, my best friend from when I was 2 days old till about 18, has cancer- I hadn't spoken to her in 2 years.
Life's too short to not be in contact with the people you love.

Please, PLEASE just pick up the frigging phone and make the call!


Your blog always puts a smile on my face…!
Life's too short to focus on the bad stuff, be happy and thankful for everything you have and work on the bits you don't like.


So good, Sarah πŸ™‚

For me, life is too short to…

– not tell the truth about what I'm thinking & feeling
– worry about eating ice cream sometimes
– write people off because I don't "understand" them
– forgo saying "I love you" whenever possible
– have regrets!!!

Lady Harriet Wimsey

Life is too short to:

-give in to temporary impulses instead of seeking real happiness.
be bitter.
-wait for people to change when they do not want to change themselves.
-judge that it's not worth living, especially for another person.
-be a perfectionist.
-ignore the consequences of your actions.
-say goodbye to someone while still mad at them.
-hate yourself.
-accept boredom.
-give up.
-make excuses.
-eat food that tastes bad.

Thank you for posting this! It's been really good to think of all the things I have to be grateful for.


life's too short to:

– be bored, sleep-deprived, or hungry unnecessarily
– NOT make time for leisure reading
– go along without questioning
– keep my thoughts to myself
– be too shy to talk to/photograph strangers


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