More Life Instructions

Wouldn’t it be awesome to make laminated copies of this and hang it up in subways and public bathrooms?



Sometimes in order to be happy, you unintentionally hurt people. In the end it works out for all parties involved, but people can get hurt. For example, a break up usually leaves one person in a party hurt, because the other person is not happy and strives for it. πŸ™ Just something I am watching happen right now. And I don't want to see anyone hurt, but I want to be happy too.

a whole lotta love

I actually just saw this the other day and pinned it to Pininterest. This was actually made by a group of people who did put them up in NYC subways to see if anyone noticed anything different. Its a funny experiment πŸ™‚


i love these! some simple lessons that some people need to be reminded of. i know it would put a smile on my face if i saw it up in the subway.


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