Real Life Style Icon: Mamushka Marie

This is one of our on-going, bi-weekly, super fantastic Real Life Style Icon series, in which we talk to really stylish ladies who rock unique style that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg.

: Claire Marie
Age: 27
Location: Madison, WI
Online Haunts: Blog: Mamushka Marie Shop: Mamushka Marie Vintage Flickr: Claireofakind

Three reasons why you’re awesome:
Oh dear! Can I use my “phone a friend”? No? Okay, well to be perfectly honest, I believe I’m only as awesome as anybody else who has a passion that they pursue. I am pretty proud of my awesome blog and my awesome shop that I started about a year ago. I think it’s awesome to be where I’m at now, considering where I started. There was a time when I would only dream about making these things happen. It was awesome to be featured in N.E.E.T magazines Global Fashion Spread for their March/April issue. I’ve been inspired by so many people creatively and the thought that I may in turn inspire others, makes me feel pretty awesome.
How did you dress as a kid?
Let’s just say… my parents let me dress myself. I definitely mastered the art of print mixing at an early age!When did you become interested in fashion?
Oh boy, I think I was “fashion conscious”, before I even understood what that meant! I remember having stacks and stacks of Teen and Sassy mags and Delia’s catalogs that I would scour through looking for outfit inspiration. I also raided through my grandmothers vintage when I was pretty little…something I definitely wish I had waited to do until I was older!

Where do you find outfit inspiration?
Art, films, textiles, street style blogs, wardrobe remix on flickr and basically all those lovely ladies and gents out there daring enough to put some whimsy into their ensembles.

Where are your favorite places to shop?
No question, thrift stores. About 75% of my wardrobe is thrifted. For all the rest I shop on Etsy.

Top three style tricks/DIY’s?
#1 Glean! Let out your natural fashion voyeur…often what you like on someone else you can mimic pretty easily yourself.
#2 Don’t be afraid to alter garments. If a dress is too long, shorten it, or take it to a tailor – basic alterations are usually only around 20 bucks!
#3 Fashion is fickle. Try not to fill the core of your wardrobe with trends or fads but rather with items that never go out of style.

Thanks so much Claire! Any questions for our fashionable friend?



love the interview, and love your tattoo, claire!

ps: the link to claire's etsy shop is broken, it's got "blogger" in the address đŸ™‚


Ahh! She is so cute. I love it. Thanks for sharing your style with us Claire! and I am super obsessed with that amazing tattoo on your wrist. textual tattoos are my faaavorittte! đŸ™‚

Lady Harriet

I'm also in Madison, so I'd love to know what her favorite thrift shops are! My entire wardrobe comes from either thrift stores or garage sales.


I had no idea Claire was so close to my age. Now I feel a better connection, online, if that's possible.
I also remember Sassy and Delia's catalogs. She's such great style, with a personality to match it.


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