31 New Things: Dye My Eyelashes and Eyebrows

Yeah, that’s right. I just put photos of myself sans makeup on the internet. What’s next? Writing a haiku about getting a brazilian? Going to a scientology church?Now, I’m not a particularly high-maintenence lady (I slept in a barn in Bolivia once. And can pack for a weekend away using only my purse) but I’m oddly attached to my makeup. I’m quite fair with blond eyelashes and eyebrows, with little to no natural color to my lips or cheeks. Without some mascara or lipstick, I look ill. For real. A professor once stopped class to ask me if I was sick, or going to faint. No, no Professor Gremmels. I just didn’t have time to put on eyeliner for your 8 am class.

But when I travel, I usually can’t be bothered to do anything other than apply sunscreen and put my hair in a ponytail. Which is super comfortable but results in photos that should have captions like “Zombie in front of the Berlin Wall.” “Undead girl at Angkor Wat.”

What’s a girl to do? Get her eyebrows and eyelashes dyed, that’s what!
I decided that for something involving chemicals in the vacinity of my eyes, I’d forgo my usual super cheap salon and head to someplace a bit more upscale. Enter Phresh Spa Salon. So cute! So lovely! Staffed by kind, non-intimidating women who don’t make you feel ridiculous for coming to a spa appointment in flip flops!

The actual process took all of fifteen minutes and was completely painless. I wear contacts, so I’m contantly sticking things in my eyes and I wasn’t phased by a q-tip with vaseline rubbed around my eyelids. We let everything sit for a few minutes, chatted about the merits of sundresses with built in bras and then wiped all the dye off. The wiping bit was slightly stingy, but nothing that a drop of Visine didn’t fix.

I’m totally thrilled with the results – I feel like I want to grab strangers and be all “Do you think I’m wearing make up? Do you? Huh? Because I’m not! But it looks like I am!” The dye is supposed to last for 4 – 6 weeks – how awesome is that? A month+ of not wearing makeup while simultaneously not looking like the undead! For $40? Hellz yes.

Would you ever dye your eyelashes or eyebrows? How do you feel about going without makeup?
* Phresh was nice enough to comp my services, but I’d recommend them (and this service) regardless. I wouldn’t steer you wrong, yo!



this looks great!
and hey, you look stunning without makeup! for serious! =)

I hate not wearing makeup – i don't have great skin…and i have reallllly little eyes haha. they're not all that visible without makeup =P


Wow! It makes a difference!
Though you don't have to worry about putting pictures of you without makeup, you're beautiful anyway, look at that smile!!!

I won't dye my eyelashes or eyebrow simply because I'm dark haired, so I don't need it, and for going around without makeup… well, I'm almost always without makeup!


Oh if nothing else I'll always still colour my eyebrows in before leaving the house. Naturally blonde so I've got really pale eyebrows, but I've been dying my hair red for the last ten years – so my eyebrows look even more pale compared to that.

Man I was pissed when I discovered one of my pet rats had eaten through my eyebrow pencil the other day …


I don't wear makeup. Period. Okay, once or twice a year, for "special occasions." But I'm just not a fan, and it takes too much time.

However, I'm not above dying. And I have totally dyed my eyelashes before and will do it again. The brows are dark enough — I'm a brunette — but my lashes look so much better with a dark brown dye. And my skin is still pale pale. I encourage everyone I know to do it.

Let us know how long yours truly lasts. I swear mine lasted a good two+ months, but it's hard to tell for me.


I used to have my lashes dyed by don't bother now because they are so sparse! I also had eyelash extensions done before I went on hols – not a good idea because they seemed to dry out on the plane and I'd wake up every morning with spiky things poking in my eyes!

La Historiadora de Moda

You did a great job! I've dyed my eyebrows several times in the past, but dye near my eyelashes and eyes frightens me.

Here's hoping I can manage to put on eyeliner before the 8am class I'm teaching this fall semester!


Whoaaa I always knew you could dye your eyebrows but I never even THOUGHT about lashes!!! That would make mascara totally irrelevant. I might have to try this…


You look fabulous (with and without the dye)! I totally understand the makeup-as-comfort moment, too. This is such a great solution! I'm brunette, so my brows are almost too dark, but my skin….let's just say I don't feel dressed without tinted moisturizer. Really. Can't get any work done if I don't have it on (even if I'm working from home).

Lovers, Saints & Sailors

I've dyed both before. Being a ranga I'm all for colouring my eyelashes/brows so you can actually see them.
Having said that I've been known to leave the house without make up some weekends.


i dye my eyebrows and eyelashes. i'm a redhead and i used to draw in my eyebrows everyday but now i don't have to and it adds so much definition to my face. loves it!


Fabulous – there is a noticable difference, but subtle enough that no one will know if you don't tell- no more zombie photos.
My best friend's natural look is pale hair, skin, AND eyes. She couldn't even be near the color yellow without looking ill. She's now beautifully auburn and gets her brows dyed when getting the hair touched up.


I think you just convinced me to give it a try! I have very light eyebrows but dye my hair darker and have to fill in my brows every day. I also always always always wear mascara and eyeliner- and this would be WONDERFUL!


i hate going without make-up because being a redhead i too am fair-skinned with very light eyebrows and practically blonde eyelashes.

if it didn't affect my eye color or have any rough side effects involving my eyes i would definitely consider it. it'd be nice to look in the mirror in the morning and feel a bit perrrrtier haha.


first off the new look is fabulous. and I wear make up when I think to put it on in the mornings but my "dressed up" make up and my every day make up always looks the same no matter how much effort I put into it. oh well…


you say: "Do you think I'm wearing make up? Do you? Huh? Because I'm not! But it looks like I am!"

and i LOL, except then i'm left wondering why you didn't also include how much you DIDN'T PAY for that sundress with the built in bra. answer, "THREE DOLLARS!!!"


It looks great, Von. =D

I probably wouldn't go in for a dye job unless I lightened my hair…but since I'm afraid of anything near my eyes, it probably wouldn't go over too well.


I think you look very pretty either way, honestly!
I go out all of the time without make up ~ I only just got in the habit of wearing it on a more-than-special-occasions basis, but I dunno…I guess when you are a sickly person (and I mean having health issues, not necessarily sickly looking) naturally you either
1) care a LOT and never leave the house without something on
2) Don't give a rat's furry butt
I'm the latter.
I have a heart problem, I take a ton of meds and it leaves me face looking more tired than I really am but *shrug* I don't care. LAZE trumps giving a damn πŸ˜‰


I never wear makeup. And really, don't know what all those products do or how to apply them. Most people tell me it looks like I do wear it and either don't believe me when I tell them I don't, or are amazed. I hope I never feel that I have to wear it either. So far, 28 years and counting without it.


Done it and love it! Dying the lashes makes them look even better with mascara too! My favorite part was not feeling freaked out in bright lighting when someone stopped by after I'd taken off my makeup.


This looks cool. I've never considered it before, but like you I have very pale skin, but my rosy cheeks more than make-up for it! xxx


Even though I have dark eyelashes and eyebrows, my eyebrows are not well defined. I wanted to get them dyed at the same time that I got a bikini wax, but then remembered that I'm pretty allergic to hair dyes, so that probably wouldn't be the best idea. I don't know if it's common in North America, but you can also get your eyebrows and eyeliner tattoed. My mom did it about 10 years ago, and even though she has had to get it retouched, she still doesn't need to wear makeup.


You look great! I would never dye my eyelashes or eyebrows, but that's because they're naturally dark. However, I still get needing to wear makeup all the time. When I started at my current job, some days I would wear makeup, and some days I'd just be too lazy to bother. This went on for about the first month. And it never failed–on the days I didn't wear makeup I'd have at least one person asking me, "Are you tired? You look tired. No? Are you sick then?" I was just like, "Crap, people, I just didn't put on makeup!" Now I always wear it.


Stunning in both pictures.
I hardly ever wear make up, a brave move in cosmetic obsessed Japan, but I do feel prettier if I make the effort. Maybe I should make that effort more.

Laura Elaine

I'm a fair redhead with blonnnde eyebrows. My lashes are light brown, but they're also quite thick so even if I forget mascara, I don't look freakish.

However, I do get my eyebrows dyed to just a shade or 2 darker than my hair. If I didn't, they would disappear on my face. I look much more polished, and it looks natural. πŸ˜€

Karen Travels

I am 32 years old and I have never worn makeup in my life. Ever. I keep hearing about woman who go sans makeup for a day and every celebrates it like she is taking a huge, daring risk. Like she is the first woman on the moon. I want to say ha! I have never worn it.

But here is the thing….lately I kinda want to try it. Just for my eyes. Something simple. Someday. I am the opposite of those girls who dare to go without. I think I am afraid I might like it!


A very nice girl and a good result )) Well I had nothing to dye actually, before I took a course of Cherish Lash serum and my eyelashes grew much longer… Now I can use your tips and experience, thank you so much))


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