A Brief Guide To World Domination

Do you guys ever encounter things so awesome that you are oddly hesitant to tell other people about them? Them knowing about it won’t diminish the amount of awesome there is to go around … but you inexplicably want to hoard it? You greedy little awesome hoarder, you!

No? That’s just me? Awkward.

Well, when I encountered this amazing, free ebook I wanted to keep it all to my greedy little self. Because don’t we all want to be remarkable? But! after reading it – and being deeply thrilled by it – I felt it was my duty as your internet BFF to tell you about it.

So, in the event that you want to dominate the world with your awesome, here’s your textbook. Annnnnd you’re welcome.



Thanks for posting this! I went and checked out his website, and found this e-book about racking up frequent flier miles (http://frequentflyermaster.com/)

Since about 20% of my tiny income gets spent on plane tickets, I am intrigued, but a bit wary- any chance you have read it?


Corrine/Frock And Roll

EXCELLENT. How did you know that it's 12.55am here in Australia and even though I should absolutely be in bad, I'm definitely not and am hankering for the perfect read to bunker down with?! Thanks for sharing, Sarah!


I have a total e-crush on Chris Guillebeau; my boyfriend gets jealous whenever I start fangirling over his blog posts. Love this ebook too, it's a great find!


whew, i thought it was just me that wanted to keep awesome things to myself! πŸ™‚ thanks for the ebook link.


Thank you for confessing so publicly that you also have that selfish desire to, when you find a treasure, HIDE it.

I think there is a support group for this. πŸ˜‰


ooh, thanks for sharing! i'll definitely be checking this out. (and i may actually hoard it from my friends… we'll see. :))

(ps: i like the new layout.)


Thank you so much for sharing the link! Honestly, the stuff in this guide (both the original content itself and the links out) is SO helpful– it's really got my mind working, and I'm finally, legitimately considering a lot about my goals and wants. Yay, progress!


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