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Did you guys love peering into those creative spaces as much as I did? I think it’s fascinating to see how artistic types organize their spaces.Though I certainly don’t consider myself a capitol W ‘Writer’ (I’ve just recently started to tell people that I have a blog without blushing and looking at the floor)

I do have a tiny, tiny office devoted to Yes and Yes. And by “office” I mean “one third of the living room that my landlord inexplicably divided so he could list my apartment as a “One Bdrm + Den.”) But never mind! I love my tiny writing space! Virginia Woolf wasn’t joking around when she said that a woman needs a room of her own.

Chair: Salvation Army $5
Desk: Salvation Army $20
File cabinet: Salvation Army $5, spray painted with “hammered
silver special effects”
Prints: Etsy, gift from The BFF
Lamp: Tiny thrift store in Wisconsin
Cat: Land of Awesome $Priceless
My corkboard full of joy! Also, funny photos of smiling pigs.
My little fire escape garden.
Putin is afraid to sit on the actual fire escape but he will
very happily sit in a flower pot, munch on that catnip
plant and get totally stoned.
Mannequin: Store display shop in Minneapolis
Dress: F21, via Salvation Army.
I frequent my particular Salvation Army so often, the clerk actually
put this dress aside for me because she knew I’d like it!

So that’s my wee little office. Let’s look at some people who have
got a bit more to work with!

I love those tiny clothes pins!
I think that poster encapsulates the secret of success. Really.
Green desk = yes.
What a clever use for clip boards!
Having enough books to necessitate a ladder is one of my
top ten goals in life.
Do you have an office or creative space of your own? What’s it like? Post a link to photos if you’ve got them!



I'd love having an office like the one at the bottom of the page. Those bookcases… that ladder… I already have too many books piled everywhere and nowhere near as much space as I need.


I usually just sit on the couch with my laptop. I've got enough space to set up a desk etc but never use it. Love the clipboards idea.


So, funny story- you know that white chair you have sitting there at your desk? I have the BIZACT same one, white with black arms and a funky, almost pearled upholstry. It is also a cat magnet (as all white upholstered things are). I got mine for $5 at a University surplus sale. Also, your den defies all descriptions of dens I'd ever learned (it's not dark, below ground, or wood-paneled). Someone tricked you!


wow… beautiful. this is exactly what i want for my study/working place. thanks for sharing.. i should work out my place.


I love your little office! Your chair looks extra cozy. Mine is awful. I'm pretty sure it's going to collapse any day now.

rock on

although your den may be small – I love it – it's so bright and cheerful! I'm currently in the midst of setting my new studio space up after first having a baby and then moving a week later, it's taking a long time to get set up (it's always at the bottom of the list of things to do) sigh…either way – I hope it will be as inspiring as yours!


Lovely! Artistic! Colorful!

Unfortunately, my workspace is none of these things. It's more…utilitarian. I admire the bright cheerfulness of others, but I have to keep it simple. I'm artistically challenged. Oops.

Old, old desk from the 1840s my mom found at a jumble shop for me. Chair from my great-grandmother's kitchen. A framed print of horses galloping overhead, a gift from my great-grandfather since I've always loved horses.

I love imagining where else these items have been and what else people have done with the very things I'm usually. I especially love to daydream about the desk. It's been around for 170yrs; you know there's been at least one love letter, Dear John letter, birth certificates, death notices, and everything in between to cross it by now.


I really like that clipboard idea! I'm currently arranging my office space, so photos will have to come in the near future.


I LOVE seeing where and how people work, especially creative people! Love to see how people use space and things.

This is my studio space…there is another table on the wall you cant see for sewing. So I have office space away from the sewing table. The parallel works well. I can almost turn the chair around and work on the other side of the room.

Keep up the good work!


Thanks for the sneak peek into your workspace! I like seeing what people surround themselves with (smiling pigs? yes!) in their creative spaces.


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