Dear Future Self:

I love letters. Love them. Of course, we all enjoy getting a funny email from our bestie or a text message that says “Just saw a tiny dog in a milk crate on the back of a scooter and thought of you!” But there’s something special about holding an actual piece of paper that someone wrote on while they were thinking of you.Have you ever considered writing a letter to your future self? The whole process strikes my pragmatic/sarcastic/eye-rolling self as a bit too “I’m good enough, I’m smart enough and doggoneit, people like me!” but let’s consider it for a minute. What would you say to yourself in a year? Or in three? Or five? What questions would you ask yourself? Where would you hope your life was headed?

I think mine would go something like this:

Miss VB,
How’s 2012 treating you? Did that whole “relocating to the antipodes” thing work out for you? Are you still wearing sunscreen every day? Because you totally better be. I will get in a time machine and force it onto you if you’re not. Also, I hope you’ve got great arms by this point.

I know that 2009 was a tough year for you. But you learned so much and grew so much and I think you became a more awesome version of yourself. And I think your hair got cuter. How did 2011 go? I hope you rocked that giant trip, made heaps of new friends and were in a group shot as an extra in at least one Bollywood movie. I hope that you’re still blogging and writing and living life on your own terms. I’d expect nothing less from you.

Keep rocking,
2010 Sarah

Because the internet is amazing, there’s a website called Future Me, that allows you to write an email to yourself and choose a date that said email will be delivered to your inbox. Your 30th birthday! Your fifth wedding anniversary! Your estimated graduation date!

What would you write in a letter to your future self?



I actually do this. I write about things that has happened, about experiences along the way, hoping I've learnt something. If not, you can always benefit from being reminded. I keep a diary. In all it's not really the same as those letters. I started off with these letters when it was in an assignment in language class. Write a letter to the person you were 5 years ago and what she/he should have known.

Each year I also write a letter to each of my nieces. Of the past year, what they've accomplished and how wonderful they are with each passing year, as they learn new skills. I plan on giving them to them as each turns 18.

Canadian Twentysomething

haha I just went to FutureMe and wrote myself a letter! I'll get it in 2013 on my 26th b-day. I had so many questions. Did my cousin have a baby? Is my brother still travelling? Did dad FINALLY retire?! Is Nannie *gulp* ok?

So much could happen in the next 3 years! It's a very un-calm time in our family. Everyone's movin' and shakin'. 🙂

Can't wait to get that letter and reflect…and laugh myself silly.


I used to do this when I was younger, when I still wrote regularly in my diary. It's so interesting, sometimes bitter sweet, to reread those entries. This makes me want to start doing it again… I think my future self would like that too 🙂

Nicole Ioma

I DO THIS!! Since I was about 13 I've been writing letters to myself with just the date to open them on the envelope (birthdays, new years days, random dates throughout the year, etc) and I keep them in a box in order so I never forget to open them. I always choose a random year to open them, and I think I have them written all the way to my 50 year old self.

It's really interesting to hear from Younger Nicole, and reminds me what was important to me when I was younger (which is why I started doing it in the first place.)

Anyway thanks for that link to Future Me! that sounds so interesting


I did this in high school to my future-self graduating. it was amazing to read…
and the website is so cool! I wrote to myself in a year, and browsed some of the letters published online – funny how we all end our letters in saying "I love you" in some variation.


My senior year of high school, our English teacher did the fairly standard "write a letter to a freshman" project. When we graduated, we were given a packet of stuff that included a sealed envelope with the words "open on your first day of college" printed on the outside. It was the letter I had written, and, weirdly, my words were insightful! Surprisingly, one of the better projects I've ever been roped into!

My letter to my future self includes congratulations on my New York Times bestselling novel. 😉


Your letter is so sweet!!
And thank you so so so so much for letting me know about that website, the idea is awesome, now I have to click and write myself something!!!

Chelsie Joy

I did this in my sociology class in high school, and our teacher sent it to us two years later. It's fun. I just did one on FutureMe as well, which I will get on my birthday two years from now. I've had a really difficult year, so it'll be interesting to see where I go from here.


LOVE this idea. I've never done this, although I do keep a ton of journals that I'm just now starting to look back on! I think I'm going to give it a shot though 🙂

Lovers, Saints & Sailors

I do this too. Though the last one I wrote myself got lost. I'm sure I was supposed to open it a few years back. I guess it will show up at the right time.
Thank you so much for the website tip! It cuts out lost mail factor for sure.


I used FutureMe and when I got the email and I read it, I totally freaked out. I had no recollection of having written it and I wondered who had hacked into my computer because of the private stuff I had written. After a while, I realized what it was and calmed down. I loved reading what I had written and it was a great exercise. I wrote myself another one. I hope I remember this time!


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