I'll try this in my daily conversation: "I'm curious how I'll ever make a living." "I'm curious about how I'll age." "Large dogs make me curious."

Hey, that kinda works! =)


This is great! I was just talking to Husband about how he deals with such "fear" when he does new things in his business. I'm beginning a new venture and am feeling very much this way. I'll remember this! Heck, I just might throw it up on the fridge!


Love it. Seriously, I'm head over heels about your blog, foxy blog friend. I finally started my own after loving yours for so long, I'm heading to Ireland in November to backpack and can't wait to find some Shampoo bars to take with me, you inspiration, you!

And. so excited for your trip to India. Incredible. Good luck of course, but mostly, I know that you'll find incredible discoveries and people and views!
(I'm almost creeped out by this comment, but I guess that's sort of the essence of blogging… )
anyways, thank you for the continual encouragement and spark. love your blog.


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