Stairway To Heaven

Stairs are such an under-utilized design space, don’t you think? When I rented an old two story house in college with my friends, we went to great (and somewhat dangerous) lengths to hang things from ceiling of the stairwell. It never occurred to us that we could do something with the risers (the front-facing) part of the stairs. Just look at all these good ideas!
I think this is actually hand-painted, but I bet you could do something
similar with some wallpaper remnants and sticky tack.
Oh my, but the Virgo in me is impressed by those
incredibly straight lines. Maybe this is electrical tape?
Looking at this makes me feel like one of those nervous puppies
who can’t work up the gumption to go up the stairs. Scary!
I bet you could do this with chalk in your neighborhood park!

Again with The Scary.
Have you seen this fantastic video? Wouldn’t this be fun to encounter on your way to work, on an overcast Monday morning?

Have you done anything special with your stairway?



Okay, so, staircase number two is INSANE and i would get so confused whilst climbing them and probably stick my leg thru and fall down. really really crazy.

staircase with the mice, holy CUTE. oh goodness i would loooove to do that one. and the wooden super-crazy ones? wow. no thankyou.


Canadian Twentysomething

I'm totally in love with the first one, the mice one and the crazy wooden crooked ones. I feel the crooked ones would make me slooow down, and then maybe I WOULDN'T fall running up the stairs anymore!! πŸ™‚


They had the piano staircase at our local cinema recently! Lots of fun!!
Those crisscross stairs look terrifying….how would you carry heavy objects up and down them??


Oh my gosh, I love that video so much! πŸ™‚ I wish I had seen those!

This is an awesome post too. Although many of these do give me the jitters a little bit! Although the stairs over the table are pretty cool, just because you get to step on the table πŸ™‚


That video is so awesome! I am all for doing something that makes people be less lazy. And I would definitely have a ball taking those stairs.

I don't like the second scary staircase. It looks damn near impossible to walk up. What's the point? It's like making beautiful food that you can't eat.


Oh, I love these. The piano stairs and the zig zag ones are my favorites. Writing with chalk outside is such a great idea too!

my stairs are just plain old boring.


Wow! I've never thought of decorating the rises! Even though I've seen it in my hometown (I just thought they were very cool graffiti!)

And that video is so funny ^^


I used to live close to where the piano-video was made, subway-station Odenplan in Stockholm Sweden. Very funny to hop up and down playing a tune :D.
In Helsinki they did talking trash bins which said thank you in various languages when you put something in it. As a result people was running all over to find pieces of whatever that they could "feed" them.


There are also piano stairs in the Boston Museum of Science! Ever since I first went there as a little kid, I have wanted piano stairs in my house. SO AWESOME.


I love love love the Fun Theory video. Such a good idea.

(And the 'Where the Wild Things Are' tribute. Amazing!)



This is my first time commenting, but I enjoy your blog so much Sarah.

This staircase blog caught my eye because it is something I have always been interested in.

I hope these work but here is the link to a video I took a couple weeks ago at our local Science Museum.

And, I visited Portland, OR last fall and discovered these stairs in the beautiful downtown library.
This first one is the full view of the staircase:

And the second is the same staircase but a closeup of some of the detail.

I love awesome things like that. Thanks for sharing yours with us all!


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