The Weekly List!

It probably comes as no surprise to you that I’m a compulsive list maker. I was, after all, a founding member of The Secret Society of List Addicts. Most of my lists are page after page of to-dos (sexy, I know) but I also have a thing for ridiculous lists like: Weird Things Strangers Say To Me or Aspects of Modern Life I Want No Part Of.

I’ve been voraciously filling in my copy of Listography, Your Life in Lists like the little Virgo that I am and it has brought me no end of self-absorbed, naval-gazing joy. And oddly? I love reading other people’s lists, too!

So I thought we could have a bit of Sunday morning fun here on Yes and Yes and all gaze at our belly buttons and talk about ourselves, making lists inspired by this awesome book. Yes? Yes.

So! Without further ado! List numero uno:
Pets You’ve Had

1. Fizzy The Sunfish
Caught in my dad’s minnow trap, lived in a fish bowl in my bedroom until he inexplicably leaped to his death on my green shag carpet

2. Charlie (Charcoal) the Bunny
Absurdly large, enjoyed eating pears and popcorn and trying to hump your knee

3. Libby the Bunny
Black, white, boring

4. Miso the Taiwanese Street Cat
Rescued as a kitten from a dumpster behind a McDonalds in Chung Li, Taiwan. Never really became domesticated and spent most of his life hiding behind things so he could better jump out and bite you

5. Putin (Rasputin) The Best Cat in The Land
Wear-er of vests, owner of his own kitteh jet, prone to needy, attention seeking behavior, incapable of going outside or using a leash.

Now you!


Rosie Unknown

I love it! Your cat sounds so cute!

My pets:

1. Pumpkin the Gold fish
-> died of Ick three days after we got it

2. Twix the husky mutt (shelter dog)
-> My love, my baby, the stupid dog that takes up my entire bed and sheds black hair all over it.

3. Mickey the Bulldog thing (shelter dog)
-> was smelly, and slightly stupid, but much loved, even after his death.

4. Nanuck the Alaskan Husky possibly coyote mutt (shelter dog)
-> has a habit of running away once a year, getting his white fur muddy, and leaving it on anything he looks at

5&6. Strider and Pirate, Eurohounds (German short haired pointer+ alaskan husky) (litter mates bought from a breeder)
-> affectionately known as Snyder and Pinenut, these adorable, high energy, extremely athletic dogs are loved despite the fact that they smell and are annoying and eat their blankets.

PS: If you were keeping track, you might have noticed that I only mentioned two of the pets dying. That's because four of the dogs are alive and healthy.


What fun! Thanks for sharing and letting me share!

1. Hoho the Gerbil – spent all his time escaping to behind the bookcase or under the couch; eventually went back to the pet store because my mom had allergies to either him OR my sister's bird.

2. Tri and that other guinea pig – embarrassed to say I had two guinea pigs in high school and I don't even remember their full names. Tri was the mean one though, and dominated the hell out of the other one. They were both girl piggies, but Tri was always mounting the other one. Eventually gave them away when I went to college.

3. Janus, Martie (aka Martin van Buren) and Nori – more guinea pigs! These guys were sweet and wonderful, and I got a little obsessed and built them a cage that took up a third of my bedroom floor. Janus died while I was on study abroad, then Martie and Nori went to a new home. Vowed never to get guinea pigs again, even though they're SO CUTE, because they are stinky and time-consuming.

4. Beatrice the cat – my first, my lovely grey barn kitten, she spent her whole first day at home running all over a futon and having the time of her life. On her first new years she got a sympathy hangover and threw up under an armchair. Ex-boyfriend won her in a custody battle (really, he took her when I went abroad again, and I didn't have the heart to ask for her back when I returned two years later).

5. Vashli Zazuna – aka Apple Hamster in Georgian – my lovely Georgian husband got me a teddy bear hamster for Christmas last year! She's so soft and wonderful! But she had to stay in Georgia when we moved back to the US. Now my brother-in-law takes care of her and insists she's a boy.

6. ET, Kutsi, Dusia, and Ratatouille – our cats in Georgia. Dusia was the best, but died mysteriously last year, poor girl. Our neighbor's dog died suddenly around the same time, and we think someone might have put out poison or something! So only the boy kitties remain. Kutsi always pees in the kitchen, which drives me crazy, but other than that he's my favorite, if only because everyone else favors ET, who is a bit smug.

6. Mushmula Zazuna – my husband got us a dwarf hamster when we moved to the US. She's no Vashli, but she is tiny and fuzzy and quick-moving. Hilarious in a hamster ball.

Karen Travels



-DittyFluff. My 2 year old brother wanted to call her "kitty" but could only say ditty. I wanted her name to be fluffy. So Dittyfluff was her name

-KoalaBear – the cat that looked like a koala bear




-and my current cat: Boodah!!


Oooh, yay! Lists!

Chester, the dog: huge (compared to my tiny self) and fluffy. Would jump up on us excitedly everytime we went out the back door.

Josephine, the cat: one of the ugliest, grumpiest cats I've ever known, but we loved her anyway.

Sneaker & Splodge, the kittens: discovered accidentally by a gardener down the side of our house.

Phantom, the cat: beautiful, lovely cat, who always knew when you needed a hug!

Sylvia & Zippy, the Darwin pythons: huge, strong, & ridiculously interesting.

Hector, the jungle python: beautifully patterned, once tried to swallow a pillowcase…

Stephanie & Charlotte, the little jungle python twins: bit my wrists after arriving via the postal service (in a lunch box!)–they were my favourites!

Hermione, the hermit crab: created something of an obsession with hermit crabs, temporarily. I'm pretty sure I accidentally killed her, though–oops.


So, I always knew everyone my family were animal lovers but this the length of this list is a little excessive…

Bolter – German Shepeherd we had when we lived in Guam. He loved the beach but hated snorkeling tourists. I agreed with him on these points.
Mickey – a chubby beagle that ended up having weird ear problems.
Muffin & Gonzo – kittens that mom let us keep. She named Muffin. Clearly, we named Gonzo. Both went to cat heaven when my sister & I were in college.
Maddi – once a hyper and ferocious Jack Russell terrier. We cried a lot when she died.
Duke – a 15 year old Boston Terrier who has become deaf only making him even more adorable
Bella – the chow mix my brother adopted and promptly realized he couldn't care for at college. She lives with my parents now and I don't think they'll ever give her back.

Gordy & Murphy – the softest kitties you'll ever pet
Lincoln – a shepherd mix shelter dog who constantly asserts that he is king of his domain
Booth – a black & white hound mix from the same shelter who happily lets Lincoln be the alpha dog he always wanted to be


1) Tootsie
My aunt's gerbyl, we hosted it for a couple of days while my aunt was on holiday… don't remember much

2) A duck
Lasted so few in our apartment I don't even remember it's name (we gave it to somebody who had a garden)

3) Gyroscopic
My dog, the best dog ever, the smartest dog ever, she was black with white tie and socks, was a glutton and loved cuddles

4) Neptune and Poseidon
Two goldfishes (ah, stunning uh?), they lasted a week… sigh

5) Apple
My dog now! She's so stupid, but so cute, and loves cuddles to death!!

Kalei's Best Friend

1. Chipper- part dalmation, part lab.
he was my mom's confidant, 3rd child.

2. various slider turtles- Newberry's just couldn't stop sending them home sick w/me…
3. various gold fish….ditto from #2.

4. William Blake- tuxedo cat named after the poet… hubby named him.. we adopted him.. my mom had his mother who was a stray.. it was my husband's idea we raise a cat prior to seeing how we'd do as parents… true story.,..

5. Lady: Cairn we had from 1984-2002…. She was my husband's dog.. rather she was suppose to be the responsibility of our kids.. ha ha.She died a year after my husband was killed.. age and cancer..

6. Kalei: dilute torti that I got last year w/ex bf… somehow after getting her, he was soon out of my life… was she taking his place?


Love this idea… good way to start a Sunday morning too!
1. Bright Eyes
2. Nessie
These two are going under the same explanation. There were actually four others as well, but I was so young that their names escape me and I can't get my mother on the phone right now. They were two of our Poodles that my parents + grandparents had when I was a baby. Nessie was the last one to pass away when I was 6, she was 21 (in human years.) I still remember her last birthday where we put a candle in a cupcake for her…

3. Princess Diana- my 13 year old cat, who thankfully is still alive today. She was born under our deck and we took her in- she was nasty at first, but she eventually simmered down (only a bit) to become a wonderful kitty.

4. Mickey Vlad- my hamster who died after three months.

5. London- my hamster that I had to return to the pet store, because it wasn't working out.

6. George, Lil George, Tigger, Fentoozler- our 4 outside cats the lived in kitty condos in our backyard, but are now deceased. They were feral, but would let us pet them. They had their shots and we fed them like clockwork to make sure they wouldn't leave.

7. Boots and Smokey- our outdoor cats who are still alive. Boot is Princess Diana's sister and she's fat. She eats not only what we give her but several birds and squirrels a day. Smokey is just downright mean, but he is beautiful.

8. Rooney- my 2.5 year old boxer. He's gravitated out of the pet zone and more into the child zone. He's the little love of my life.



* Queenie – My fighting fish that was eventually eaten by my cat.

* Queenie #2 – My second fighting fish (creative name right?) that went belly up in her tank.

* April O'Neil – The most badass cat ever! She ate Queenie and spent most of her time attacking neighbor dogs and being adorable to me. She passed away a few years ago at the ripe old age of 17!

* Buddy – The german shepard and border collie mix that came from an old boyfriend and I 'gave' to my parents. He now lives with my dad and is incredibly happy!

* Gabby – My tabby cat! She came from a litter in a parking lot and has been quite the princess since coming home with me three years ago.

* Gibbs – My rescue kitty! He was lined up to be euthanized so I had to take him home. I think he has anxiety issues because he obsessively licks people and cries when you walk away from him, but he's a cutie!



1. A Chicken that laid no eggs

2. Around a thousand pigeons

3. a hamster

4. Neel the fighter fish

5. Duke the fat tabby cat

6. Rishi, my little baby miniature poodle


My list is very long but my newest loves are:
Patches-adopted from shelter tortie who is still learning how to jump
Bandit-also adopted and the sweetest little lovey cudly kitten, with excess energy


*Cody- golden retriever who was shipped to us from North Carolina while we were living in Japan. He died in February at 12 years old.

*Barbie & Ken- both boys [don't tell Barbie!]. We call them our Operation Iraqi Freedom cats; we got them to keep us company while my dad was in Iraq.

*Bentley- grey rabbit I decided to impulse buy freshman year of college. Lived in my dorm room until my RA found him. My boyfriend "took him to his grandparents' farm", and they subsequently sold him to the ladies down the road who ate him. Truth.

*Maurice & Gweneviere- baby ducks I adopted freshman year. They followed me around the dorm like puppy dogs and were wonderful to have around. We set them free when they outgrew their cage and they still live in a pond behind my old dorm at Alabama.

*Optimus Prime- Siamese cat I just adopted here in Cairo. Currently in heat. Currently driving me CRAZY.


*stretches* this is gonna be a long one…

Cinnamon – cocker spaniel from my childhood. I accidentally opened the garage while she was in there and I never saw her again. Tragic. She was a really sweet dog.

Mouser – male cat, green eyes..had him around elementary school…he got some weird disease and had to be put down.

Snowball – black and white bunny rabbit…so cute!!! died of heatstroke…(i really shouldn't have had pets as a child…)

Simba – huge white samoyed and the sweetest dog you would ever want to know Everyone thought she was a white wolf.

Princess – another samoyed we got for Simba as a playmate. She had a horrible attitude though.

Shaquille – despite the name, he was a small Bichon Frise. Loved this dog. At one point he was inside and the samoyeds were outside. He was very vocal, so mom tossed him outside with the other two. They all ran away together…

(this list is depressing…)

Mocha – cat with an attitude that closely resembles mine. Technically, he was my sister's cat, but after a turn of events, I came to own him.

Crema – another Bichon…and so named because Mocha was in the house. She was a little angsty and protective, but loveable.

Latte – another Bichon (mom really loved Bichons), so named because we had Mocha and Crema…it floooows! He was a cutie; very photogenic and a happy dog. Big for his breed. He had a huge nose. I would tease him about it.

After I moved in with my boyfriend, I inherited his 5 cats: Katia, Persephone, Pandora, Penelope and Siam…and then I brought Mocha to live with us. There's a diagram of them all here:

The dogs were given to my aunt who needed the companionship (HEARTBREAKING). But I am drowning in cats, so I guess it's ok.


I just wanted to let you know that by linking to the Secret Society of List Addicts in this post, I have lost almost my entire day reading the whole damn site. I am simultaneously grateful to you for pointing it out to me and also annoyed!! Hehe.


I'm not really an animal person but my family's pets so far have been ok!

1. Super chilled out cat called Blue who was actually dark grey. Didn't do much except sleep, but he's my favourite pet to date!

2. My sister's dog Best, as in "the best birthday present in the world". Small, noisy, always tries to guilt you in to feeding him some of your cookie (it sometimes works).

3. Many, many chickens. I had one called Nila who attacked the dog, literally jumped on his back and repeatedly pecked his ear! What a legend. She disappeared ages ago but I like to think she's still out there, terrorizing animals 3 times her size.

4. Brother and sister cats Minnie and Max (get it, minimum and maximum? ahaha). Unfortunately Minnie died =( Max is about metre long stretched out, which is pretty impressive.

Lorra Fae

1. Emily and Josh the black cats – I don't remember them well. I was pretty young, but I loved them. When they started peeing on the carpet, my parents gave them to the SPCA. This was to become a trend I had no control over.

2. Cyndi the mutt. Named after Cyndi Lauper, my fave at the time, she was a sweet dog who loved cherries. She was very food protective, and once bit my dad. That was the end of Cyndi…back to the pound.

3. Smudge and Gypsy, the calico cats. We got these kitties from a neighbour when they were 8 weeks old or so, and had them til they had to be put down at age 19. They were fantastic, very much LAP CATS. Even when you wanted them off of you, they eventually managed to sneak back on without you realizing it. I'm still not sure how they managed this.

4. Fred the bunny. Named after the Flintstones. Lived in a hutch in the backyard. Escaped and was killed by a dog.

5. Blackie the dog. Another mutt, probably a lab/irish setter, she was a sweetie but loved running away. She would get over the fence some how. Once she was gone overnight and was sitting at our door the next day. She was also terrified of thunder. My mother tried to keep her in certain areas of the house. I still am not sure WHY…but because of her wanderlust, Blackie was sent packing, like so many before.

6. Lulu the sheltie cross. This was the first dog we got as a puppy. And we had her til the day she died. I have her paw print tattooed on my arm. She was a WONDERFUL dog and I miss her like crazy. She lived with bladder cancer for two years. She died in my arms when we had her put down. It's still the worst day of my life.

7. Countless rats and some mice. My first rat, Shatter, was rescued from a shitty situation in Boston, in which I took her back to Vancouver… via Seattle…ON A PLANE. No way I could get away from that now. I still don't know how I did.
Other noteworthy names…Twiglet, Molochai, Zillah, Penelope, Pixie, Calliope, Cupcake, and Lolli (short for lolrat).

8. Widget. A calico kitty me and my ex-boyfriend adopted from the SPCA. She now lives with my mom, because she is obsessed with being outdoors.

9. LEYA. My lovemuffin. She is a Chinese Crested I got a few years ago. She is the love of my life. My baby! She is shy but loving, lazy but loves to play; just a wonderful dog. Quiet, sweet, the best!


Let's See.

1. Miss Piggy-a mutt that died by eating ant poison. Sad trombone
2. My step mom was a cat lady so loads and loads of different cats
3. Stupid-the fattest cat int he world that just kept getting knocked up
4. Raisin-a white chihuahua who use to sleep in my bed
5. Lexi-the best dog ever! Had to give her away when we moved to VA. so sad.
6. Honey-a three legged dog that got around amazingly well
7. Stewie-a small man big mouth wienie dog
8. And finally, Midnight the oldest cat in the world. He;s 15 years old. Poor thing.


oh, man, so many pets.

1. Dylan the cat — discovered in the post office elevator when my dad worked there. Guess what musician my dad loves?

2. Clemetine the goldfish, who lived for two year before the introduction of a new fish led to her demise.

3 & 4. Circe and Shadow, the two awesome black kitties I had for most of my entire childhood.

5. Dora, my hamster. I adopted her from school after we did maze running experiments on her. She was a smart cookie who could get out of any cage. In retrospect, I shouldn't have taken the smartest hamster.

6. Cinders the guinea pig. I rescued her and she only lived a few months before I had to let her go. She was actually a pretty sweet pet. She scared the crap out of my cats.

7. Kiki the crazy black kitty. We almost named her Donner because of her habit of sneaking up and jumping on us in the middle of the night.

8 & 9. Oh, the dogs! How can I forget? Green the german shepherd and Molly the cocker spaniel were my childhood dogs that led me up to my teen years.

10. Belle the beagle, my parents' current dog but really my happy puppy. She gets so excited whenever I come home.

11. Chornaya, which means little black girl in Russian, was my college hamster. Another rescue pet, but this one lived for a year.

12. Ferdinand J the snake, named after King Ferdinand of Spain. My mom gave him to the cable guy after I left him at home when I moved across the country. True story. I wanted to bring him with me, but snakes and long road trips aren't the best idea, and I took two weeks to drive across the country.

13. Bree, a Kerry Blue Terrier. This dog broke my mom's heart. She was awesome and friendly and great to people but not nice to other animals. She escaped from our yard one day and chased a cat into its house. Animal control took her away πŸ™ I understand, but it was still a super rough situation. We had 6 foot fences and still couldn't keep her in our yard.

14. Lucy the kitty (Luciferase is her full name). We just adopted her last week. She's a shelter kitty, and I am pleased as punch. She is currently sleeping next to me. She is also afraid of the outdoors. I haven't tried a vest on her yet, but she might go for it.

I think there's got to be more somewhere in there, but those are the main pets. Not completely in chronological order because I forgot some and had to add them in later.


I had parakeets – blue angel and Chi Chi when I was in elementary school.

Then… Siamese cats – Skittles and Tulip. And an orphan dog, Annie πŸ™‚ Now, I have my Roxy – she's a 7 year old black cat who's adorably awesome.


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