What Makes You Feel Beautiful?

When I 15, I was totally into ironic Power Rangers t-shirts. Also: perms.
What makes you feel beautiful? Cakie Belle asked 10 awesome ladies what makes them feel like hotties – and my answer involved my grandmother’s vintage dress. You can read the whole inspiring blog post here!

What makes you feel beautiful?


Lorra Fae

Leaves in my hair.
Having really long hair.
When I am very lean and strong.
Glowing skin from eating wonderfully.
MAC Russian Red or Dark Side lipstick.
BLUSH (this is key – I didn't really wear it until I was 28 or so)
Pretty dresses.
Being in love.

The Mighty RandR

I just have to say, I LOVE your blog. I think you are fantastic, and I appreciate what you've done with the place. I feel most beautiful when I'm rested, I've been eating healthy, I know in my heart I've done good for the day, and when I'm wearing that certain accessory that makes a good outfit great. Grand question posed by miss Cakie, hard question to answer.

Lady Smaggle

How gorgeous is baby von? Quite cranky though…
I feel the most beautiful when people relax in my presence (especially if I'm the reason they relaxed) and also when Mr Smaggle kisses my face. He takes it really seriously like it's a really important job. Makes me feel a little bit precious!


Long flowing hair. (the longer mine gets the more I like how I look) Loose-but-tailored clothes. When I've been eating well and my skin and eyes are glowing. Cute guys looking me in the eye. Painted nails. Smooth legs. Looking after myself basically đŸ™‚

Cakie Belle

Thanks so much Sarah, for being a part of this post and sharing it with all your lovely readers! It just makes me feel all warm and fuzzy… đŸ™‚ xox


Ironic Power Rangers Shirts = totally awesome!

Right now what's making me feel beautiful is my engagement ring that used to belong to my mom, and my much needed new hair cut that I'd been putting off for two years. Also, smiling and laughing always makes me feel beautiful all the time.


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