Castles In The Clouds

When I was a child, I was fairly certain that one of the chief injustices in my life was A Total Lack of Castle. I did not have a playhouse built in the shape of a castle. I did not have a castle for my Barbies. Nor was there a castle for my My Little Ponies. !!!!I know, right?

Obviously, my childhood was pretty rough. And when we went to Disney World? I decided that Cinderella’s castle didn’t count. I wanted the real deal.

So, you can imagine how I felt when I was 18 and spent a summer on an exchange program in Germany. I remember biking past the ruins of a castle on my way to school every day and immediately having to write home and tell everyone about it. There were turrets! And those little windows for cannons (or something)! And I bet there was probably a draw bridge that I couldn’t see!

Were you into castles as a kid? Or, um, now?



I love castles! So do the kids, just today I put together a cardboard castle I bought for the kids to play in and colour in. I want a castle.


Both. Not to mention I had the same problem regarding My Little Ponies. They were so pretty I felt guilty that they had to live in a drawer.

Guy Fawkes

Growing up in Eastern Europe, you pretty much can't spit without hitting at least a small one, so while they're beautiful we get over them pretty quickly, and forced trips to go see how the baronness von something lived in the 1700s get old fast as well. But I miss them, now that I live in Canada.


love the Les Mis reference πŸ™‚

I do believe that when we moved when I was 12, I specifically requested a house with a turret or garret or some other romantic feature. I'm not sure my obsession has always been on castles, per se, but I like old and interesting places.

I did love seeing a million and two castles when I studied abroad in the Netherlands. they don't have many castles, but every other country I went to seemed to have a plethora.


Yes! I wanted to be a princess and my ambition was to chop down the local woodland and have myself a massive pink castle built there in it's place with fantastical gardens. Little did I know what an environmental no-no this would be πŸ™

All visitors would have to wear a big pink heart on there chest sothe guards knew they were allowed in.

The Mighty RandR

Yes yes yes! I am an architect, and as a younger me I dreamed of spending my career renovating castles throughout Europe. Sigh. There's still hope, I suppose.


I love them! In Wales, whenever we went into town my parents would take me to the ruins so I could run around them. So castles have fun memories.

Sonia Luna

So funny you posted this as yesterday I had a conversation with my sister about how we use to play "Spot the Castle" on long drives from Italy to Switzerland when we were little, pretending that they belonged to us, I always ended up spotting the derelict ones!

Ben Simon

A few years back I took a small side trip to Chillion Castle in Switzerland.

The people there must have thought I was nuts – I was like a kid in a candy store. Here I was, surrounding by a real, honest to goodness castle, moat and all!

Good times.


I was never all that into castles – even back then I wondered what anyone could do with that much space, and was more into cramming myself into boxes and cupboards. BUT there was one exception – those wooden castle-style playgrounds, where everything is connected by bridges and turrets. The day I first visited one of those is CEMENTED into my memory in incredible detail, never to be topped except by something unfathomably awesome.

Lorra Fae

My dad lived at Queen Elizabeth castle in Jersey as a kid. AT the castle – my grandparents ran a cafe there. SO yeah, pretty rad πŸ™‚ I've been there, and will probably be there again next year.

And I had Crystal Castle for my She-ra dolls.


There are so many castles around where we live that as a kid we used to gettaken on school trips to them regularly. Always a lot of fun, I especially liked the gruesome bits as a kid like pouring hot tar over your enemies. Hmm.


I remember being sorely disappointed at Disney World when I realized that I couldn't explore the castle and see all of its enchanting rooms. In fact, to my recollection it was just used by employees, and the part beyond what park goers experience is just a plain old building. The nerve.


I spent a summer living in Scotland. Everyday to/from the bus stop & work, I'd walk past Edinburgh Castle. I could see it from a window in my residence hallway, too.

It was pretty unbelievable.


Hahah…my best friend, who's 15, still really wants to live in a castle when she grows up. I love her, but she can be so crazy at times. I've always wanted the time to wander through a castle by myself, without boundaries, and I think they're crazy examples of medievel construction which I can't even really comprehend, but I was never obsessed…at least I didn't think I was.

Kristie Lynne

A few years ago my best friends and I were camping in New Hampshire and we spontaneously decided to go to a place called "Castle in the Clouds." It was magical.


Been hooked since I was 4 and my family was living in England, taking my brother and me to see castle ruins on weekends. Still hooked– it's why I became an archaeologist.


Now and forever!

The house I grew up in had a big sturdy ledge (it was part of a sort of mantlepiece) that opened onto two rooms. I used to climb up, tape a big piece of cheap lace over one opening, and pretend I was sitting in a turret looking down at my kingdom.

Lovers, Saints & Sailors

Ooh we're going to stay in a castle at the end of the month! Well, we aren't staying in the actual castle, we're staying on the grounds. But we're visiting the castle.

Larnarch Castle in New Zealand.


Oh how I've always loved castles! I lived in Spain for a semester in college & not only were there 2, yes 2!, castles in the lovely town of Alicante, but my friends & I would play castle on train rides…instead of the regular punch buggy πŸ™‚


Kimberly Low

I love castles! I was in UK for 3 years, and saw a number of castles..which was really great! But I think my favourite would have to be the sort like in your 3rd picture. Right by a river in a beautiful valley..=)


I was talking to a friend who spent an exchange year in Germany, and told her that I would love to go on a Castle tour when I to to Europe. She told me: They get boring after a while. What do you say to someone who kills your dreams in one sentence?


i was in the czech republic a few years ago – so many castles. seriously every single one is totally gorgeous. cesky krumlov and hluboka were my favorites. serious magic happening!


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