It’s Okay To Be Awesome

Have you ever felt like you need to downplay your hard work, your accomplishments, or your happiness? Me, too. Let's stop. >>
This guest post comes to via my very first internet friend, Alexandra Franzen. If you like this, you’ll like everything she writes. She’s wonderful. 

It’s OK to be awesome.

In fact, it’s preferable. Highly-recommended. Perfect 10s across the board.

It’s OK to be the smartest, the cutest, the sassiest, the brassiest, the best-dressed, the most well-versed AND the most ambitious person in the room.

It’s OK to know exactly what you want and to GO for it — guns a-blazing. Click To Tweet

It’s OK to be an artist, writer or performer, and NOT be poor.

It’s OK to quit your day job.

It’s OK to have dreams that make no sense to the casual observer — and to actualize them.

It’s OK to kick everything to the curb and start from scratch.

It’s OK to be a Jack of All Trades, and a Master of ALL.

It’s OK to be a supernova.

It’s OK to be sought after.

It’s OK to spend more time packing the perfect bento box lunch than actually eating it.

It’s OK to take more than 2 weeks of vacation per year. Much, much more.

It’s OK to spend a lot of time, energy and money improving your mind, body and soul.

It’s OK to be the life of the party.

It’s OK to love so fiercely it hurts.

It’s OK to be legendary.

It’s OK to surround yourself with people who are just as awesome as you are … and maybe ever awesomer.

It’s OK — really, truly, honestly — to be awesome.

What makes you awesome?

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Your Manifesto

Lovely post! Love 'It's OK to be an artist, writer or performer, and NOT be poor' and 'It's OK to have dreams that make no sense to the casual observer – and to actualize them.' Great mood booster.


LOVE IT! You know what? Recently, someone shared a post about how a lot of bloggers make their lives seem more fascinating than they really are by only sharing the good stuff and it's making everyone else feel inadequate. It suggested people be more transparent and genuine by sharing the mundane crappy stuff that happens in their lives and not feeling so pressured to excel by all of those "fake" posts filled with achievements and adventures. Well, I think it's OK to love your life out in the open. I think it's OK to edit out the negative energy and focus on the joy. I think it's OK to be inspired by others rather than condeming them for appearing fulfilled.


How about it's okay to like (maybe be in love with) something that not a lot of other people like and have a good attitude about it when everyone else is trying to bring you down?


It’s OK to have dreams that make no sense to the casual observer — and to actualize them.


Been listening to Oasis lately and would like to think that my fellow birthday twin Noel Gallagher would agree with these awesome affirmations!

Shauna (Fido and Wino)

That is fabulous 🙂

To answer your question: What makes you awesome?

I am honest. I make a very conscious effort to be very real with the truth and I think my friends and family have come to trust me for that.

Not so honest as to be a total cow (I hope). But still 🙂


Hell yeah!

I'm awesome because… I own who I am and I never apologize for it. I do not care if it looks silly for me to be dancing to that awesome song on the radio in the middle of the supermarket–I just want to dance! I don't play games with people and am upfront about what I want. And I don't settle for less.

Come on, I want to see why everyone else is awesome!

Alexandra Franzen

Hey kids…Alexandra Franzen here (today's guest-poster).

Totally racked with gratitude over all the lovely comments! You guys are the best!

In fact, y'all inspired me to write a follow-up post over on my blog, Unicorns for Socialism.

'Tis called :: It's OK To Be Eclectic ::

Check it, yo.


Okay, I am sooo upgrading form my Stuart Smalley daily affirmations to this. Just what I needed after a crapastic day!


i read your follow up post and i especially loved the bit about being lesbian and wanting to make out with/be fox mulder (just like it is so completely fine to be straight and want to make out with/be natalie portman. just sayin'), and the bit about it being ok to change your tagline/major/mind. i've changed my major alot and my mind even more in regards to what i want to do with my BA, and people are always like "but what will you DO with it, what will you BE?!" and i am always like, well i don't know, we'll see when we get there, except what comes out of my mouth is either "il be a teacher" (this is not exactly lies but its not exactly plan A) or "i want to work for the ministry of finance and trade cos id really like to see what happens with aid and stuff" (which is closer to the truth but we'll see) so thank you for posting both your posts, they made me happy 🙂


I love this! This is exactly the sort of thing that I'd love to be able to convey to people when I see someone being apologetic or feeling guilty about being good at something. What makes me awesome? I like getting dressed in the morning (most of the time), but I'm not high maintenance for going out in public (I've got pretty good bedhead).

Thank you.


LOVE. I say, just be genuine. If you feel awesome, if things are going awesomely, it’s okay! If you feel crappy, if things are hard right now, it’s okay. IT’S ALL OKAY.


I really like how you worded that Jacqueline! I feel the same way. It made me tear up at its perfect timing.


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