List 4: Best Purchases

This is our exercise in Sunday self-absorbtion, in which we make lists about ourselves. It’s really fun! Lists frequently inspired by this awesome book.
1. Scooter
Allowed me to see hidden corners of Taiwan, spend my afternoons in national parks, whiz down windy mountain roads. So, so fun.

2. Mp3 player
Because it’s better to listen to music or podcasts than the noise pollution of urban Taiwan. Or the conversations of the people on your bus

3. Any airplane ticket, ever
Experiences over stuff. Every. single. time.

4. Chaco flip flops
They last forever, they’re not embarrassingly athletic looking, they support my ridiculously high arches

5. My netbook
I can fit it in my purse, I do all my blogging and writing on it and if it dies or gets stolen? I’m only out $300

Now you!


Rosie Unknown

1. dslr camera
I bought it to learn more about photography, and boy have I learnt!

2. my black rayban sunglasses
They have been through a lot with me, and I never go anywhere without them.

3. an agenda
I don't want to sound corny, but using one has literally changed my life.

Karen Travels

1. My car. I know, I know, I know…it's not environmentally friendly, but I have gotten some mileage out of my trusty Corolla, and I have seen A LOT of the country in it.

2. My DSLR camera….love it more all the time.

3. My bed from IKEA….lots of wonderful sleep

4. An expensive frying pan…well, not too expensive, but a $50 pan will last forever and it cooks everything so wonderfully amazing…I use it everyday to make omelettes or grill chicken or make something!

5. The ferry ticket for me and my car from Alaska to Washington…it was the most amazing 4 days of my life, camping on a deck of a ferry without knowing anyone.

6. This laptop…use it everyday!!


1. i have the same flip flops and they have changed my life. high arches be damned. i can walk in these all day long.

2. my laptop.

3. ipod touch – since i don't have a fancy cell phone this is my nod to modern mobile technology.

4. prius generation 1 – sipping gas since 2002.

5. my house – home sweet home.

6. hugger mugger bolster – restorative yoga has made me a better human.

Jessica Norman

I totally agree with all airplane tickets to see friends, family and unknown lands!

1) my professional grade DSLR…as I was given an opportunity to assist with weddings all summer…and it was the best experience ever

2) ugly work shoes…because my feet aren't hurting horribly by the end of the day.

3) my random yarn purchases…because the stuff I make out them is awesome and it's even better when I give to someone and see the priceless looks on peoples' faces..


1) Plane tickets. Pakistan. Bolivia. France. Every single one was worth not buying new anything & eating rice & beans for dinner. Especially that impromptu one I bought to see a cute guy I had met once who lived in Seattle. Over a year later, we're still together!

2) iPod shuffle. It's almost 4 years old, was under $100, has incredible battery life, & has inspired me to work out more often since Day 1.

3) My netbook. Mine was a little pricey, but it is almost as powerful as a PC, yet smaller & super lightweight.

4) My Longchamp tote. Probably way too much for a nylon tote, but this thing has carried fifteen pounds in it, been to multiple countries, and somehow not managed to break or show any wear.


1) My bed ~ It was my first big, "practical" purchase

2) Plane tickets: Sydney, Arizona, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Washington and Ireland <3

3) My computer (even though it totally needs a new processor)

4) Anytime I have ever bought something as a surprise for someone else <3


1. My Nikon d40 (dSLR), hands down, best purchase ever. Love it, love it, love it.

2. Spelunking in New Zealand in the Waitomo Caves — I sprung for the fancy crazy trip, and it was amazing. One of the best things I've ever done.

3. A decently working, multi-speed bike. It's not the best ever, and sometimes I wish I had gotten a different bike, but I'm so glad I have one. I bike around way more than I ever did when I had a crappy bike.

4. Sunglasses that fit over my glasses. Every time I lose a pair or it breaks, I go buy another. They're $20 and make my life sooo much easier. And now they're more stylish, so I don't look like a senior citizen anymore.


1. my passport
2. my iphone- it's a camera, it's an email-er, it has maps!, it's a subway time-killer!
3. really great kitchen knives
4. frye boots and vintage coach bags- they last forever and never go out of style.
5. tribal kilim from Turkey- it folds up so small and fits my semi-nomadic lifestyle perfectly. though i may not own any furniture i can always lay it down where i land and know i'm "home"


1. Plane tickets. Of course. Most recently, Costa Rica, Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos. Next on the list: Korea, Taiwan, several South American destinations.

2. My bicycle. Lovely second-hand upright bicycle. Comfy seat, huge back rack for carrying bits and pieces. Gets me around town and makes other people smile.

3. TESOL course. Technically haven't purchased this yet, but I'm saving the money for it at the moment. Will open many, many doors for me. Can't wait!

4. Sewing machine. Simple, functional, enables me to make cute clothes and alter other things.

5. The 'optional extras package' thing during my trip to Costa Rica. Zip lining, white water rafting, snorkelling… totally worth it.

Lorra Fae

1. My Vita-Mix blender. Pulverizes everything. Astoundingly awesome, expensive, but worth every cent.

2. My day trip to swim with whale sharks. Surreal.

3. My surfboard. I wish I still had it, but I sold it when I was planning to go to Australia for a long time and I figured I'd just get another one there. I didn't πŸ™

4. My dog. Normally I would have adopted, but the breed I wanted was sort of rare and I was careful about where she came from. I adore her. (She's a Chinese Crested).

5. My trip to Hawaii in February, to see Pipeline. Amazing. Worth it.

6. The light saber I got for my boyfriend for Christmas last year. He was so so so freaking happy. It cost a lot but the reaction was worth it!


I call these my preciouses and number them according to the order in which I bought them.

Precious #1 – My Yaris. It's the one Toyota that hasn't been recalled (I'm exaggerating only a tiny bit), and it's been with me on nearly every family visit and even to Prince Edward Island to see Anne of Green Gables goodness πŸ™‚ It's also pretty efficient with gas mileage, etc.

Precious #2 – Cherry red laptop. I use this for everything, and I will cry when it dies. However, I have backed up and re-backed up EVERYTHING on it, not just because it's 3 years old.

Precious #3 – ipod. I have a massive bus commute, and as much as I enjoy my fellow commuters, I need my patented wake-up mix.


1. My cat, Loki. I rescued her from a no-kill shelter after she'd been there for 4 years. I made a donation to the shelter to cover the adoption, and she's become a part of our family. I can't imagine my home without her in it.

2. My house. It's perfect for us, and I just had a housewarming party to show it off to my friends and to meet my (AWESOME)new neighbors. We were meant to get this little cape cod.

3. Brown knee-high boots from DSW. They were inexpensive, but they are very comfortable and versatile. Plus, I get compliments each time I wear them… which is often!

4. French-speaking lessons. I've wanted to learn for years, and I finally took the plunge to learn after 3 years out of college. I feel like it's opening an entire new world for me, and it so energizes me to actually go for something I really wanted.

And I agree with you about plane tickets, Sarah. Or gas for the car (like for my road trip to Toronto). The value of experience of traveling to new places far exceeds the price of getting there!


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