List 7: Personal Fashion Trends

This is our Sunday exercise in self-absorption, in which we navel gaze and make lists about ourselves. Join the fun!

1) Fifth grade
Slap bracelets and other assorted layering – two different colors of scrunchy socks, double tongued L.A. Gears (!) and, if memory serves, two different turtle necks. How did I even move with all those layers of cotton?2) Seventh grade
Choker necklaces, my dad’s flannel shirts and leggings. Obviously. I didn’t have Doc Marten’s so I just wore some significantly less cool Eastlands.

3) Ninth grade
I become obsessed with suspenders. ‘Nuff said.

4) Tenth grade
I devotedly wish that I was a raver. To that end, I sew my own backpack out of purple fun fur (!) and a pair of overalls out of red fleece. I wear said overalls with a rainbow sweater and piles of plastic jewelry. The BFF will never let me forget this.

5) Eleventh grade
I decide that I have “a curly haired personality” and start getting really tight perms. I have incredibly thick hair so the result is nigh-on afro-ish. I also wear red lipstick all.the.time.

6) Twelfth grade
My everyday uniform consists of pajama pants (sometimes satin), Uggs, seventies men’s dress shirts, my dad’s sweaters that I’ve cut off to crop top length. Despite this look, I am dating a golden boy.

7) Freshman year of college
Inexplicably, I wear bandannas constantly. Tightly, like a biker.

What about you?



Ha ha ha, I love this list. We have a different school system here,we also had school uniform until we reached the sixth form. Which is probably for the best because from the age of 13 to 17 I wore the same pair of DM boots constantly, usually teamed with some sort of tie-dyed patchwork garment. I also 'bleached' my hair with Sun In so it was a lovely patchy ginger to match. Such. A. Catch.

Between Laundry Days

I was just telling my roommates the other day about my foray into neon mascara. I remember wearing Doc Martens, poorly-fitting flared pants, a polyester babydoll shirt with daisies on it (and a weird half-collar, if I remember right) and neon green mascara. I was a hot mess, even in 8th grade.


No offense, but your list makes me feel better about my own fashion history.

6th grade: nature t-shirts, all the way. Trees, butterflies, leaves, flowers.

7th grade: pseudo-grunge. Corduroys, flannel shirts, oversized band t-shirts, plaid old man pants from the thrift store. This continued for a few years.

high school – phased out the oversized t-shirts and plaid pants, started wearing pants that fit (!!!) and silly slogan t-shirts from the thrift store. Made my own skirts with wild patterns. Chopped off all my hair myself, but bleached what remained. Large gawdy plastic rings. Loud shoes.

college – silly t-shirts and jeans, kept the loud shoes and jewelry, dyed my hair various shades of "red" and "blonde."


Ha ha! Chokers, wow that really takes me back.

Because I'm Australian, we wore our chokers with a dress and Blundstone boots! It seemed so cool at the time. What a freaking disaster.


Ugh thinking about what I use to wear makes me cringe.

3rd grade: Slap bracelets of all colors.

5th grade: Now this is styling. I has a pink sweater with a hose face on it. The neck of the horse was the sleeve and there were giant strands of yarn poking off the sleeve as the horses main. Now add in leggings and mismatched socks. Starting to wonder why I don't have a fashion shoe on Bravo or lifetime.

Middle school: Chocker were a big part of my day to day attire. At the time grunge was in and I was not having it. All I have to say about my dress of choice was my grandmother owned a bedazzler. My favorite item was a black hat covered in rhinestones that had a hole in the top for my ponytail.

10th grade: Wore nothing but black. I was an artist.

11th grade: Nothing but blue. I liked to think that I was in my blue period like Picasso.

First two years of college: I was an art major so if it wasn't covered in paint I didn't want it.

Now: Anything red and scarves. It's basically my uniform.


Actually, some of those sound kind of edgy/fabulous to me. I wish I had some wild ideas about fashion as a kiddo, but I wore nothing but bike shorts and oversized shirts until 6th grade, when I replaced the shorts with ill fitting jeans and my mom gave me these terrible curly bangs. High school consisted of novelty shirts, green eye shadow, and black nails.
Actually…looking at my closet, I'm not sure that I've come that far.

a whole lotta love

so funny. isn't amazing how we change from year to year so drastically when we are young? like another commenter, i too wore a uniform, but it was always about accessorizing. 3rd grade: all about neon and jelly shoes. 5th: balloon sneakers 6th: definitely all about the chokers and the high puffy hair. 8th: perms and thigh high socks with maryjane shoes. 9th: plaid flannel shirts and big black boots etc etc. too much bad style to think about (although i guess it was in at the time). thanks for the walk down memory lane (i think)


in high school, everything had to match. i matched my shoes to my shirt and my bag. then in college, i rediscovered dresses and skirts. these days? i feel like i'm a mix of preppy, lady-like clothing and every once in a while i throw in all my casual favourites.


oh man. i love this list.

3rd grade: my favorite shirt was a white t shirt with 1 million yellow smiley faces on the front.

6th grade: jeans with elaborate designs embroidered into them.

7th grade: patchwork jeans. ALSO, super super super low rise jeans. like jeans with no waistband. why did my mom not care/notice? tie dye shirt with butterflies on it.

9th grade: hoodies that were wayyyyyy too big. and super tight jeans. badly straightened/super frizzy hair.


Hahaha. Let's see… I remember a phase of thick, maroon eyeliner. Ewww, finally my mom did tell me that wasn't a good look.

In early high school I loved anything white with multicolored/rainbow small polka dots.

And I've always worn a lot of sweatshirts!


"I sew my own backpack out of purple fun fur (!) and a pair of overalls out of red fleece." …you are correct, i will never let this go. however, you are welcome to mock my ONE outfit. you know? the one i wore from age 14 to age 17?


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