Round Up of Cute!

Since I’m getting ready for my epic trip, I’m more in the business of Getting Rid of Stuff than Amassing More Cute Stuff. But that doesn’t stop me from perusing the interwebz for hours on end, adding cute thing after cute thing to my favorites list.But if I can’t buy all that cute stuff, maybe you can! And then you can lend it to me when I’m not living out of a backpack.P.S. I have a soft spot for handmade stuff under $40 and made in my home country.

I always want to wear turquoise but I usually feel a bit too
granola/art professor in it. But I think I could swing these earrings! $15
I would like my next apartment to have a properly sized sink
so I can validate purchasing this awesome mushroom soap dish. $12.
This vintage train case would probably make for more
stylish travel than my maroon hiking backpack from REI. Maybe. $27.
Isn’t this garland great? You could use it for birthdays!
And housewarmings! And Christmas! $30

Oh, but I would love to add this adorable
vintage perfume bottle to my lady closet vanity. $18
I’m pretty sure if you buy this sweet little wolf,
you’ll automatically be The Favorite Aunt. $20
Do you buy handmade? What cute things have you found online lately?



I don't think I have room for any more adorable little things, but that wolf is so sweet looking, and the owl.
I like handmade stuff, especially if you're buying it directly from the person who made it, so you know where it came from and why they made it. Especially if it's really quirky or one of a kind. xx


That train case and the garland both are to die for.
Haven't bought that much handmade lately: saving up for drama school. It doesn't stop me looking and salivating though… hahaha


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