Inside My Makeup Bag

I do not have this lipstick, but I wish I did.
Though I’m not sure if I’d actually use it, or just constantly look at it and laugh.

Do you guys want to know what’s in my makeup bag? Then you should pop over to Beauty Bets and read my Real Beauty guest post!

Hint: I will tell you about foundation I love that’s from The Future, the hair product I use almost exclusively because of the smell and a product I lovingly refer to as ‘Robot Face.’

P.S. Have you listened to the podcast that Elizabeth and I made about makeup? It’s pretty good! And there’s another one on the way!


Material Girl

best. makeup. post. evs!

as soon as I saw my beloved Lash Stiletto (and, confession, was like OMG SARAH VON — USES IT TOO, squee!), I knew you had excellent taste. totally gonna go get some makeup from the future now, since my fancypants mineral makeup finally ran out and I don't feel like shelling out $35 for another.



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