Web Time Wasters

It’s been raining most of the week here in Bangalore, which means I’ve been:

1) reading a lot (how good is The God of Small Things?!)

2) getting my palm read (a man with exposed chest hair and a headband asked for my phone number and free English classes and then told me I’d be married twice, have three children, live to be 89 and be successful at business)

3) getting a $14 manicure/pedicure/facial. However, that also included two power outages, soaking my hands in a pink plastic bucket and my Buddhist manicurist saying “Tell me something nice about Jesus Christ”

4) volunteering with a new, younger bunch of kids. They are incredibly sweet and one of them looks just like Arthur.

But let’s talk about awesome stuff from the Interwebz!

Have you heard about The Sabbath Manifesto? Unplugging and reconnecting for a weekly day of rest? I love it.

Downtown from behind features photos of NYC’s mover’s and shakers cycling through the big apple – all shot from behind.

Oh, if it were this easy. How to be fabulous in three easy steps.

I can sing the Full House theme song from memory. Sitcom songs of my childhood

I hate disposable cleaning wipes, generic contact lens solution and press-on nails. Products we hate

It’s way, way, waaaay to early but I still love J. Crew’s Spring 2011 line.

How to cope when you’ve bitten off more than you can chew. And you know it’s serious business when it’s written by a Virgo!

Have you heard about Marvel’s new Spider Girl? She’s 16, not over sexualized (!) her motto is

I know this has been making mad rounds on the internet, but have you seen Anthropologie’s November catalog? Llama’s modeling necklaces, dudes.

More animal cuterie: bomb-sniffing mice. Wearing tiny harnesses!

I always kind of felt like I was a traitor to my gender because I didn’t vote for Hillary, nor did I particularly like her (her voice always seemed so damn condescending!) but in this awesome tv interview she’s funny, charming and totally sassy. Added bonus: totally adorable Aussie interviewers.

Hanging, secret-fort, tree-house-y things!

Oh you guys. Sex advice from the Double Rainbow guy. And it’s not bad!

Share any links you’re loving these days!



I'm reading The God of Small Things at the moment as well! It's both amazing and totally confusing in one literary blow! So lovely to hear someone else is reading and appreciating the same thing as me at the same time – a shared experience that can transcending seas, skies and continents! πŸ™‚


Haha, I love the Hillary interview so much! And I love Hamish and Andy too, they're definitely adorable! They're really popular in Australia and NZ.

Zia Madeira

Oh my crap! God of small Things is magical. I read it last month, and it reminded me how wonderfully artistic words can be. Seriously. Magical. So good!


The God of Small Things was amazing… possibly one of those books I would never have picked up were it not one of the prescribed readings for a university course but a total hidden gem πŸ™‚


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