Are You A Goddess?

This guest post come via my fantastic friend Elizabeth. She writes about health and beauty and other goddess-y stuff, daily, at Beauty Bets.

This weekend I had the honor of attending a full moon blessing with the most incredible group of women. Think of it as a modern-day bra burning—minus the angst and bra-burning. We lit candles, set goals, drank wine, and toasted our strengths. It was feminism in it’s purest, most positive form. Forget book club—this is what we should be doing each month!

I had a moment when we selected from a stack of goddess guidance oracle cards. Each card offers a message from a different goddess about how you can find peace in your life and follow your spiritual path. It’s not magic, it’s not fortune-telling, it’s about reconnecting with your inner goddess and intuition. I drew Sige, the goddess of silence, who told me: Shhh, dearest one. Quiet you mind. Meditate. Breathe and let go of words, worry and plans.

Perfect. I don’t meditate, and the most quiet I get is when I’m watching True Blood, from which a fire couldn’t drag me. I prefer spin class to yoga, preferably with pounding 80s music. I was busted so many times for talking in class, it’s a wonder I got any A’s. Basically, all roads lead to me needing to get quiet. I’ve always known that. Maybe I’m afraid of what I’ll hear in my own head? I don’t know, but I’m going to unleash my inner goddess and find out!

Are you good at stillness and quiet?



I'm absolutely rubbish at keeping quiet. I guess I chose the best profession for my 'default': music teacher and musical theatre actor.
And I still wonder why people are surprised when they catch me in a quiet mood… hahaha

Ophira Amasai

I practically live off of stillness and quiet. Since I'm in college and so am surrounded by people nearly all the time, I have to collect quiet places and seek solitude. My favorite way to do this is through photography, which for me means going on long, rambling walks seeking peace and beauty.

Emily Jane

I'm terrible at being quiet and still. I feel guilty if I'm not ALWAYS. DOING. SOMETHING. and there's always music on in the background… I find it very difficult to just… stop for a moment. I think there's definitely value in learning how to do it, though – I'm working on it!


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