What’s On Your Future Resume?

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Wanna know a scandalous little secret? I’ve got two resumes: an active resume, and a future resume.My active resume is the one I confidently hand to potential clients. It contains stuff I’ve actually done. Y’know, like a resume is supposed to.

My future resume is for-my-eyes-only. It’s got all the stuff I’ve actually done, plus all the stuff I’m gonna do / wanna do / Xanadu.

Both resumes are critical to my professional development. But I’m starting to suspect that my future resume is the real catalyst for growth and change.

See, once I’ve typed, formatted, spellchecked and saved a future accomplishment on my future resume, it sorta feels … doable. Something in the back of my reptilian brain shifts gears, and suddenly the most fanciful achievement is just another bullet-point. No biggie. Heck, it’s practically done!

Some examples of future resume items that I’ve successfully transferred over to my active resume: Licensed Helicopter Pilot. Published Poet. Public radio whizkid. Personal branding professional.

Of course, there are plenty of things on my future resume that I’ll probably never do (operate a mobile gourmet donut delivery truck!) and plenty of things I’ll probably never be (charismatic frontwoman of an all-girl band that only performs cover songs by Oingo Boingo!). But that doesn’t mean those things don’t deserve a line of their own. After all: if I won’t give my dreams the courtesy of a bullet-point — on a fantasy document, no less! — am I likely to give them anything else? Methinks not.

So, folks — if you’re willing to share (or at least cryptically allude) — what’s on your future resumes?



What an awesome idea!

Some ideas for my future CV:
+ cryptozoologist
+ published author
+ freelance editor
+ travel writer
+ harpist


Hmm…. my future resumé includes (not limited to):

* Published author
* Founder of [insert magazine name here]
* Certified by the Cordon Bleu
* Graphic designer
* Professional eater & traveler 🙂

Andy King

I loved your post. I have a future resume, but i didn't know until i read your post. I will type it, recheck it, spellcheck it and save it.

My First idea of Future Resume would be :

An Author of International Best seller Book

Thanks for inspiration.


Like others, I have one of these, but didn't think of it in this way before. I try to keep a list of conferences I plan to go to, certifications I want to get, etc. You're right – it really helps with goal-setting/achievement!


I love this idea. My future resume would include:

published poet
professional blogger
rock climbing extraordinaire
world class barista


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