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It’s been a lovely, quiet-ish week here at the temporary headquarters of Yes and Yes (and by ‘temporary headquarters’ that I mean ‘the couch in my friend’s living room. or the chaise lounge next to the pool’). I visited an all-white temple, got swoopy bangs from a hairdresser who doesn’t speak English, ate a lot of amazing food and remembered how much I love Asian 7-11s.Next week I’m heading to the Laos border to work with Empower to teach English to sex workers. Interesting stuff!

Fun stuff from the interwebz!

I don’t know about you, but my dorm room featured inflatable furniture and a Pez dispenser collection. Maybe I could have taken some cues from this insanely stylish dorm room.

Homemade beauty treatments to treat all your winter woes.

Sooooo important! Teaching college students who are about to enter a shaky job market how to manage their money.

Since I’m in Thailand, it’s probably warm enough to validate purchasing every single one of these awesome stripey tops.

I love this sweet, pastel, Grandma-y room.

Dear America, You Cannot Wear Your Pajamas At All Times.

So interesting! A fashion model turned porn star compares the two industries. (The video itself is safe for work, but you might feel a little bit weird frequenting a website called ‘fleshbot’)

10 Ways To Get Fit On A Tiny Budget

To My Wife
= Cute. To My Husband = keeping it real (and funny and sweet)

If you need a gorgeously laid out website with 52 great ideas to help you keep your “Be Healthy” resolution, here it is!

Hmmm. What’s It Like To Be Mrs. Hugh Hefner?

I wish we were all better (and more comfortable with) talking about money. 20 Personal Money Practices That Got Me To A Place of Grooving Prosperity

Advice for an over-working, under-funning 25 year old.

How did I miss this? An old post on Jezebel about envy-inducing bloggers who seem to live dream lives. Thoughts?

Inspiring! How I Quit My Day Job – from (now) pro-blogger and web designer Kyla Roma.

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Envy-inducing bloggers? People bother with jealousy too much.

Read blogs to be inspired. Martha Stewart is not the enemy. She filled her own life with stuff she liked doing and shared it with people who might like doing it too. We can all do the same thing if we want to. If we don't want to, we don't. Sneering at the efforts of people who do what we wish we could but don't is petty and beneath us.


I'm very happy because I actually had time to explore the links for once. I bookmarked so many new sites.

I wish personal finance classes were a requirement at all colleges. It would be so helpful to be taught about things like credit scores, credit cards and how they really work, home loans, car loans, interest. Those are all so very important and not a lot of young people are exposed to that information. Heck, I'd even like a class on balancing a checkbook.


I really liked the link of the porn star talking about her experiences in the porn and modeling industry. One of the things I've been stopping to appreciate lately is that while there are a lot of things we can say are exploitative about porn (and I'd argue those things come from deeper issues that aren't inherent to porn) there's actually a LOT more body positivity in it. For any kind of body type, skin color, etc, you will find porn celebrating it. More mainstream porn tends to be a bit homogenous, but I think porn as a whole is WAY more diverse than what we see in the mainstream media. I think women who are icked out by the idea of porn should really look into it more, because they might be surprised by what they find.

(Also, possibly TMI, but I'm familiar with the actress in the clip and she works often with a site called Kink.com which seems to be one of the more ethical companies out there today. Not among porn companies, but in general.)


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