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I think that chapter in Grapes of Wrath needs to be re-written.
(Nerdy English-major humor! Anybody? Anybody?!)
Friends! How was your week? I finished up my short stint teaching English to sex workers (which lead to some veeeeery interesting flashcards, ifyouknowwhatimean) and now I’m heading to Laos for five days. I’m fantasizing about riding a bicycle through rice paddies to hidden temples and reading in a hammock.

Though I’m sure the trip will also involve riding in vans with bad suspension on dirt roads and attempting to mime “I’m a vegetarian.”

Fun things from the interwebz!

Super Interesting! How the rest of the world exercises – badmitton, group calisthenics and billiards? Personal sidenote: when I taught English in Taiwan I was expected to lead 15 minutes of choreographed morning aerobics for 3-6 year olds. We obviously had to dance to Beyonce’s ‘Crazy.’

I do love a fashion spread based on a theme. Zodiac-based fashion!

In the event that you wanted to decorate your flat (or dress) in the style of The Big Lebowski...

I’m not sure if it’s true, but the thought is super depressing – well-educated, successful women have a hard time finding equally awesome guys?
The daily routines of famous people! (Simone de Beauvior liked to start the day with tea and would work until 9 pm, Stephen King needs to have everything organized in the same place before he can start writing)

Free download of ice-breaker tags
to encourage mingling at your next dinner party!

The Lives They Lived is the super interesting obituary section of the New York Times. You’d think it would be depressing, but it makes me want to live as life exciting enough to validate a write up like this!

Awesome. Ten charities that deserve ten bucks

Cold weather is no excuse! Plans for an adorable winter picnic

Wow. Ifitweremyhome compares lifestyles (and life quality) of any two countries. If I’d been born in New Zealand instead of the U.S., I’d spend 63% less money on health care, have 4% more free time and experience 19% less of a class divide. But I’d also make 41% less money.

Type A, Over-organizer, Virgo alert! Super awesome plans (with free downloadables) for making your own daily planner.

The Chinese president visited the white house and wanted a “quintessentially American meal” and this is what the White House came up with. Thoughts?

Useful! How To Self-Promote Without Being A Jerk

And in other news: I am totally, totally, totally obsessed with this song. Totally.



I think maybe the White House chef is out of touch with what can be considered "American". There is the depressing truth meal, which consists of McDonalds and a pat on the back out the door, or the traditional American meal: Roasted turkey, potatoes, corn, carrots, green beans, apple pie, and chocolates to finish. Most of those things are native to this continent. A high grade Thanksgiving meal is American, but apparently not American enough for politicians.
Whoops. I ranted, but I'm hungry, so it was inspired.


Thanks for the links, I love it when you give me some really interesting things to read through. The picnic idea was wonderful. I really want some of those boots now from it and to have marshmellows over a fire, YUM β™₯

Have a great day πŸ˜‰

Holly And the Ivy


I <3 MJB!! She makes working out tolerable.

Thanks for the links! Going to waste some time on IfItWereMyHome now πŸ™‚


I just found your blog and had to say something about the picture you used and the caption — I'm definitely an English major/literature nerd and the turtle chapter is one of my favorite things written, ever! But I'd still love to read a version inspired by that photo!


Thanks for all the great links and sorry to bother you about it, but it sounded so perfect for an event I am planning that I couldn't resist, but I think the link for "Free download of ice-breaker tags to encourage mingling at your next dinner party!" doesn't actually go to that. Is there anyway you could tell me where you found that?
Thanks again!


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