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It’s been a lovely week here at The Good Ship Yes and Yes – in the race the cross the boarder into Laos I was beaten by a large black goat with a bell around it’s neck.  I saw some waterfalls, some temples, got a $5 massage, ate lots of baguettes and did not eat any frogs, maggots or crickets.  Tomorrow I take one bus and two planes to Kuala Lampur where I’m interning with the Malaysian edition of CLEO!

Some fun from the internet this week!

Alex Franzen shares all of her incredibly useful websites, apps and tools that she uses to keep things running smoothly. I didn’t know about a lot of these!

Ryan Gosling is one of my top five celebrity boyfriends and apparently everyone in the blogosphere agrees. An interesting (and academic) take on why girls love him so.

I’m obsessed with living in a converted space – so I’m obviously all over this converted plow factory

Did you know that I’m quietly obsessed with Ugg boots?  They’re like slippers!  That you can wear outside into Minnesota’s half-year of never ending winter! Subscribe to this Ugg boots  newsletter for a chance to win a pair.  Or if you’re impatient/unlucky use the code 1439YES for 10% off.

Things every blogger (and blog commentor) should know: Online Etiquette and Ethics

For the voyeur in all of us! Closet Visit peeks into the closets of LA most stylish ladies

If you’re a beer snob, may I point you in the direction of Slow Buzz?  My BFF and her genius chef husband are starting a brewery!  Impressive, eh?

Tour de Fork is an Italian company that makes reusing food waste artful and kind of gorgeous! (I love their orange peel hanger)

Advice from uber-blogger Maggie Mason A 12-Step Program For Successful Content Campaigns.  Thoughts on pitching to your passion and knowing your worth!

Do you know The Minimalist?  The NY Times food writer?  His 25 favorite (fairly simple) recipes
Gorgeous, vintage-y i-phone apps that make every text message look like a Victorian valentine!If you’re a Type A Virgo like me who has trouble relaxing, may I suggest Donothingfor2minutes?  (there’s a timer and wave sounds!)

Oh my.  The male models at fashion week give the ‘best’ pick up lines from their respective countries.

Extremely important.  Can you train a cat like a dog?  I once had a cat that would fetch pen caps!

Incredibly interesting!  The delicate relationship of employer/employee – Indian women who clean up before their maids get there and don’t fire them when they steal things!

If you’re lazy but virtuous, six charities that you can help from the comfort of your couch!

As we’ve established, I think smart girls are sexy girlsTop 10 Tricks and Tools To Train, Exercise And Better Your Brain

I’m totally into these gorgeous, refillable, reusable bamboo notebooks.

All work and no play = regret.  Find Time For Your Personal Life and Get A Handle On Your Out-of-Control Work Schedule.

Hilarious! The Babysitter’s Club – Where Are They Now?  (I always liked Claudia the best!)

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I love the six ways to volunteer link! I'd also add there are plenty of sites that have really quick easy ways to donate that are also fun, like freerice.com


omg you're coming here?? to my city?? kuala lumpur???? awesome!!!! please tell me where you'd be hanging out so i could stalk you. in a nice way of course. i mean, you're my hero!


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