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I recently realized that I would be remiss in my duties as your internet BFF if I kept posting Web Time Wasters on Fridays.  Because, you guys?  Sundays are a snooooooooze on the interwebz! Nobody’s posting anything new, everybody’s off brunching or nursing hangovers.  But come 3 p.m. you really kind of want to hunker down and look at funny pictures of cats and read cultural commentary, amiright?

On an vaguely related note, the above photo makes me think that I need to make a post entitled “Cute Baby Animals in Buckets.  Also: Drawers.  And Maybe Flower Pots.”

Awesome stuff from the internet!

Help raise money for help victims of the Christchurch earthquake by taking part in this virtual 5k.  And my girl Alex is giving away copies of her Self-Promotion Toolbox to anyone who donates to the Red Cross.Exciting stuff over on the Yes and Yes Every Buddy Board!  Book recommendations, awesome (and bizarre) recipes, money saving techniques and beauty products we can’t live without.


How have I been on this earth for 31 years and not known about Socially Awkward Penguin?!
Who doeesn’t want to escape to a villa decorated like this in Spain or Greece?  Personal sidenote: Greece is one of the few travel destinations that I’ve ever been to that lived up to my (extremely high) expectations.  If you ever get a chance – go!

An interview with my girlfriend Mindy Kaling “I wanna have my own tv show, then be a movie star, then get super political, then when I’m old and irrelevant have my own tv show again.”

Barack Obama’s thoughts on marriage. 

Holy wow!  Have you heard about the Google art project?  Explore museums all over the world and even zoom in (waaaay in) on your favorite works of ary.
Amy talks about childhood, judgement and winning at the losing (weight) game.
Awe.some.  Minibar For The Mind: conversation starters, collected thoughts, reading prescriptions, dreams and fears notebook!
These Happy Day/Crappy Day rings are a million times cooler than the mood ring I rocked in fifth grade.

You guys know I love lists.  I particularly loved this list of things that Andrea saw out the window of her train during an 18-hour, birtday trip.

Oh my.  These wearble planter necklaces are magical.

Super interesting!  What it’s like to live on the road, in a hotel.

Do you think Jessica Simpson is stupid?  The media would certainly have us believe she is.  Yet girlfriend has a fashion empire that earns almost as much as Michael Kors.  Hmmm….

I knew there was a reason!  Why we all love websites and photos of neatly arranged stuff.

You may remember my daliances with online dating?  A good article on how to navigate match.com et al.

Illustrations of dogs wearing hats.  I’ll take 15, please.

Kyla has a million great ideas.  I love this post on making your own mentor.

Life Lessons Learned From Literature

What does your desk space look like? Here’s mine.  You can see the offices and desks of a Tina Fey, Woody Allen (oddly grandma-y), Al Gore (three computer screens/!) and many more at Desks of The Rich and Famous


Wow.  Lily lost her battle with Cyctic Fibrosis, but while she was alive she kept an amazing blog as a “resource for people living with serious illness and other health issues to help them lead fulfilling, positive lives. To help them look at the joy around them and to assist them in achieving their dreams and goals because I believe that your health should not hold you back, it just means you have to be a bit more CREATIVE!!”


Remember our discussion about Thai Ladyboys?  They usually have trouble finding work outside of the beauty and entertainment industries but now PC air (yes, that’s really the name of the airline) is hiring transgendered flight attendents.
The average face for women in 40 different countries.  Do you see yourself?  I feel like I look a bit Finnish or Swedish1,200+ albums are for sale for $5 on Amazon!  Including the likes of Jay-Z, Phoenix, The Black Keys, Local Natives, Daft Punk, Best Coast, Arcade Fire, Freelance Whales, Neutral Milk Hotel, Matt & Kim, Sharon Jones & The Dap-Kings, Radiohead, Monsters of Folk, Destiny’s Child, MGMT. Gogogo!

Well, now I want to visit Cuba.



this is, quite possibly, the best blog i've ever, ever read. thanks for being fabulous and inspiring and so totally positive. it's so refreshing, when you see all that's going on in the world, to have 5 minutes of yes. and yes.


I was *just* thinking about how Sundays are a little slow around the blogosphere. Thanks so much for so many awesome links to keep me busy 🙂


I never knew Mindy Kaling was a writer and executive producer on the Office! How cool! She and Ryan are my two favorite characters on that show. I love her even more now.


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