Notes From The Road: Malaysia, Eh?

Friends, I would love to tell that after spending a month in Malaysia, I know all about beaches and orangutans and that I’ve tried every food that ever graced a street cart.  But that would be a big ol’ lie.  I spent much of February inside a pink cubicle, writing for the Malaysian edition of CLEO (yes, it’s in English) about awesome topics like dealing with conflict, standing up to bullies and how effing important manners are.Also, I spent a lot of time drinking screwdrivers next to my friend Deb’s pool.

But!  There was a lovely weekend trip to Malacca, a lovely historic town that’s stuffed to the gills with cute boutiques, adorable hotels and river-side cafes.  Malacca has been influenced by its very diverse inhabitants, so you’re just as likely to see a mosque as a crumbling Dutch church.  A bit of photographic evidence!


Have you ever been to Malaysia?  It’s by far the cleanest, most organized, most westernized Asian country I’ve ever been to. Kuala Lumpur actually reminded me of Tampa, Florida – except with mountains and the occasional monkey stalking through the apartment complex.Got the travelbug?  Check out my ebooks and podcasts on making longterm travel a reality!  Only $15 forpetessake!



I've never been to Asia at all 🙁 But After reading all your stories, it's moved way up on my list of places to visit!


Excellent photos! I've never been, but of course it's now inching up the top of the list.

Though really, I could say that after every one of your travel posts… 😉


Glad that you enjoyed your visit in Malaysia. I'm a Malaysian and proud to be one. Do come again, even though we are not as clean as Singapore, but our hospitality maybe up to par. 🙂


After I went to Malaysia in 2008, it became by far my favourite country to travel to. It's so incredibly diverse and multicultural! I loved your pictures of Malacca, totally brought back such amazing memories.


Malaysia is my favorite of the 5 or 6 Asian countries I've been to. It's beautiful and the people are SO NICE. That's what I remember most. It was a great place to visit!


ooh thank you for the visual reminders!
i was in malaysia (and went to malacca 6 years ago (wow i can remember it like yesterday!).

i really enjoyed the country and the amazing people i met there.

love hearing about your adventures!

Kimberly M

I love Malacca. I'm off Portuguese eurasian heritage ( but born and bred in KL). You should visit the Portuguese settlement. And try their local food, ie devils curry.

Also try chicken Rice balls.


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