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Happy Sunday, friends! As you read this I’m joyfully recovering from a gajillion hours of  travel on my friend’s couch in lovely Auckland, New Zealand.  I spent a year and a half earning my MA in Wellington, NZ so Aotearoa is something of my adopted homeland.  I’ve got a week here in Jafa-land catching up with old friends and meeting new ones and then I’m headed to down to Wellington for three! whole! months!
Now.  Jun stuff to distract when you should be doing laundry.

In the event that you’re not married and you’re sad about it: Why You’re Not Married:

“You’re not married because that’s not where you are in the story of your life right now. Take a moment to breathe. Put your feet up. Eat one of those tiny cups of chocolate pudding that, according to television commercials, stop time. Wherever you are in life, really, that’s where you’re supposed to be. That’s not some hippie jive talk. That is the truth. If everybody’s life unfolded according to their precious and predictable little plans, then the world would be plagued with millions of billionaire rock star-celebrity chef-novelists flying around in golden helicopters. “


I was profiled by lovely METRO mag (holla Mpls/St.Paul!)
I’m sure you’ve heard about the miracle $150 Clairisonic ‘cleansing system’?  (It’s a brush with a spinning head that scrubs your face, y’all).  This blogger discovered a much cheaper manual option.
Awesome.  Order a set of Debbie Harry, Lady Gaga or Beyonce paper dolls.Over on the Yes and Yes Every Buddy Boards we’re talking about travel luxuries, childhood dream jobs, dealing with money with our SOs and magazines/blogs/envy/insecurity.

My dream home will include a library with vintage, hardcover editions of all my books, one of those ladders with wheels and my own set of library cards and stamps.  So obviously I love this round up of library design.
For the traveler (or would-be traveler) in your life.  Best of Maps from Design Sponge.
I love these.  Artist Alyson Provax chronicles her wasted and misused time.  Mine would read “2 hours spent refreshing twitter and facebook.”
If you work from home or in an office with a low budget you neeeeeed this.  How to Ergonomically Optimize Your Workspace.
If you’ve ever felt jealous that you didn’t go to New York Fashion Week, you may feel differently after you read this.



Hiya! The link about the dog and the inmates leads to another subject, thought you should know.


Would love to catch up with you before you head down to Wellington (although I should really try and make it down to Welly sometime soon!) – let me know if you have any free time this week 🙂


You're coming to Wellington?!! We should hang out while you're here! Come to JB HiFi and I will advise you on which cheap shitty camera you should buy, haha.


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