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Happy Sunday, friends!  As you read this, I’m probably sipping on a cuppa in lovely windy Wellington, New Zealand.  I am thrilled to the tips of my toes to be back in one of my favorite cities, living in my old flat, with my former flatties once again.  I’m looking forward to lots of weekend veggie market visits, drinking flat whites by the water and wearing layers.  Hoooooray!

Now!  Links for your lazy Sunday afternoon!Do you love the above image?  You can go download it (for free), poster-ize it and be inspired on the daily!

Fun things on the Yes and Yes Every Buddy Board: how do you make new friends?, techniques for saving money, asking out dudes and do you feel comfortable making jokes about your own race?I am obviously obsessed with these ‘pup tents’ (Ha!  Puns slay me!)

If I was one to burlesque it up, this would be my jam
Awesome and hilarious!  Things I Never Told My Parents
Ryan Gosling!  Make me love you more, whydoncha?!  How’s about you go to the Cincinnati zoo and take pictures with all the animals?
Did you know I have a ‘thing’ for pre-fab housing?  Well, I do.  And you probably will too after you see these sweet bungalows.
Have you guys ever heard of The St. Baldrick’s foundation?  People shave their heads to help raise money for children’s cancer research?  Lovely Yes and Yes reader Christine is participating this year – let’s help her out!
Wow.  Amazing interview with Grant Achatz, the chef who lost his sense of taste.
Your new favorite cooking blog: Stone soup.  Every recipe only requires five ingredients!
Ha!  A friend alerted me to the fact that there is a yes and yes dot com (this is dot org, obviously) and said website is home to awesome funk music featuring Fab 5 Freddy.  Of course it is.
Amazing, mind-blowing photos captured on Google street views – like a baby, alone at a subway station, a sex worker climbing into a semi truck and a moose crossing an empty mountain highway.If you, like me, have a thing for spare Scandinavian and Japanese design, you’ll love mjolk.

Apparently I was living under a rock (or maybe backpacking in Peru) when this amazing movie came out in 2009.  Have you seen it?  It is has earned a place in my top ten – alongside All The Real Girls and Babe, The Gallant Pig.



I've seen the movie and it's amazing. More than well worth watching. It's sad and fun at the same time.
Plus very well done.


I worked for the company that did those google street views in the first few cities, and my job was to literally drive around and film everything. we saw so much crazy stuff. we were always like "write that down so they know to look for it!"


I really like that poster apart from the typo! Maybe it should have a line saying "You are allowed to make typing errors"


Since you're in Wellington you should definitely go to (if you haven't already) to Sweet Mothers Kitchen on Courtney Place I think and have a chocolate peanut butter milkshake. It's like liquid snickers. Ah-mazing. and voted best drink in town!


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