Sad? Here are 7 animals in buckets.

Friends, some days you just need to look at pictures of animals in buckets.  This is one such day.

Yes, I know they’re technically in cups.  But I can’t really see anymore because my brain has melted from cute overload.


otter in a bucket
puppies in bucket
 orangutan in a bucket

pygmy hippo in a bucketkoala in a bucket

kitten in a bucket

Kitteh does not appreciate your bucket.

Super important question:  What is the funniest container to place an animal in?  My vote obviously goes for cardboard jet.



D'awwwww, that's exactly what I needed to see this morning 🙂 And as for cure animal containers, I'd say it's a dead heat between galoshes (sp?) flowerpots, and claw-footed tubs 🙂 (with an honorable mention to teacups:)

Sarah G

I agree with the aforementioned "D'awwwwww." You should look up miniature giraffes. Talk about d'awww!!


The bunnies in cups made my day so much better. Just too cute! 🙂
And an extra "awww" also goes to the pygmy hippo.


ADORABLE! Thank you! I want to steal every single one of those little sweetie pies out of their buckets!


I myself love a cute animal video or two. I posted this one on my blog not too long ago..

ALSO, I just wanted to tell you how much I love your writing style! It's like I can hear you saying it! It seems more personal. Is that terribly dorky that I comment on something like writing style? Oy vey.



my cat loves to sit in the empty clementine box. I'll have to get a picture. I think she's pretty darn cute in there.


I once saw a youtube video of a cat climbing into a clear mason jar, that was pretty funny. Also, a kitten in a Pringles can always gets laughs.

Elaine Worner

Glad you posted the koala in the bowl. This pic was taken around the time of the Victorian bushfires…Hi mother had brought him down to cool off in the heat. Not too sure whether he was re united with her but this is one cute pic.


I was really looking forward to the cardboard jet link but it 404’ed! :’-(


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