Notes From The Road: Beaching Easter

For the last six months I’ve been traveling though Southeast Asia and Australasia – working, writing and alienating people with my loud American laugh.  (You can read more about my previous adventures here.) These days I’m in Wellington, New Zealand but I usually live in St. Paul, Minnesota.Even though I’m currently living in one of the most beautiful cities, in one of the most gorgeous countries in the world, I spent most of April in my kitchen.  In my yoga pants.  Working.

Now, none of those things are bad (yoga pants FTW!) but I was thrilled with my Wellington bestie suggested a weekend in Napier.  Napier is rife with J. Crew-caliber, yuppie diversions: fancy hotels, wine tastings, bike-renting and the like.  It is awesome.

Here’s how we celebrated Easter:



Acting like we can taste the differences in our cider.




I tried to pack in my purse again and am actually cycling in my pajamas.


I totally fake laughed for this photo so it would look like an JC Penny ad.


After our bike/winery tour, we rounded out the holiday weekend by….

popping champagne corks out the window of our hotel,


jumping on the hotel bed,


playing drinking games,


visiting Opossum World (site of The World’s Most Disturbing Taxidermy)


eating ice cream on the beach,


splashing about in the surf (not shown: us whining about the pebble
beach and limping very slowly in the direction of the water.)

Do you go on holidays with friends?  What are your secrets for coordinating everything?  We do lots of delegation and splitting up to do our own stuff.  Also: taking naps.



I like going on holiday with friends. One of the best holidays I took with a friend was when we planned who would do what so my friend was in charge of transportation and I was in charge of communication. Sounds crazy but it worked 🙂


I'm new to your blog and squeeled with excitement when I read you're from St. Paul… me too!! Oh how I love meeting local bloggers! And your posts are so fabulous… just wanted to let you know 🙂


Morag Lee

Looks like your Easter was pretty awesome. Mine was spent doing coursework ^_^ but interesting coursework on Switzerland and the EU! x


I think the key to going on holiday with friends is to have time to "regroup" (sitting down for a coffee), and not to even have any discussions if anyone is hungry. That just leads to fights. I travelled for 4 months with a Aussie friend and this was our saving grace! Also I've rented apartments in Cyprus, Sicily, Rome, and Barcelona with friends and it's really nice to have a space of your own!
Looks like you had a beautiful time. I can't wait to go to NZ soon!


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