Real Life Style Icon: Zarna of Zarna’s Runway

Name: Zarna Surti
Age: 24
Location: Nashville, TN
Online haunts: Blog, twitter, facebookThree reasons you’re awesome

1) I can speak English and Gujarati fluently, while I understand Hindi and a good amount of French/Spanish2) I have really cool hair (I didn’t know about my short hair at first and all of my readers have really helped me grow to adore it)

3) I have a Bachelor of Music degree in Jazz Performance (and I graduated Cum Laude!)
What are you wearing right now, as you type this?
Lululemon workout clothes – I’m about hit the gym!
What is the last item of clothing you bought?
Vintage overalls – I can’t wait to wear them on my blog.

What is the item of clothing you most covet at the moment?
Christian Louboutin Bianca Pumps

Tell us about a favorite childhood memory about your clothes.

I loved getting dressed up in Indian clothes for family celebrations – it was so extravagant and beautiful.
What is your best thrifting score?
I got a vintage Valentino dress for $30, a vintage Gucci skirt for $12, and a vintage Dior skirt for $15.  I guess you could say I’m lucky!Could you tell us your top three style tricks/DIYs?

1) Wear long skirts as dresses (why not get multiple use out of one item?)2) Have a go-to hair and makeup routine, so even if you’re in a rush you can quickly get ready. Sometimes bad hair/makeup can really ruin an outfit!

3) Acquire bold accessories.  You could wear the same black dress a hundred times and it changing up the accessories could make it look different every time!

Gorgeous!  Do you guys have any questions for Zarna?


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