Sometimes You Need To



thanks so much for this this morning.
i am definitely having a phases where I lose perspective and focus too much on the little, insignificant things.
Thank you.

Charlotte xxx


This is exactly what I needed to read this morning! I"m struggling to write a paper for finals, and this helped me to properly rank this importance of this paper. Thanks for making my study break worthwhile!


Thank you! I also read you first post on things to cheer you up. (can't seem to find part two, but that might be because I'm on my phone)
Anyway I'm planing on compiling a personal list for myself and posting it on my blog (of course I'll credit you and link back to you). I'm planing on making a list of little things that can be done in part of a day. I'll compile the list, print it and cut out each idea and then pull one from a jar at random every day and document it.
I just wanted to thank you for your list and the inspiring picture! I'll get back to being me!


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