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Friends!  How was your week?  I ate lunch by the bay with an old friend, skyped with buddies from home, plotted world domination with Lady Smaggle and finally got around to watching Kenny.Also!  I helped my Wellington bestie buy her wedding dress.  For $35.  At a weekend thrift market.  Held in a bar. She tried it on in the bar bathroom, bought it and we skipped home with it in a used plastic grocery bag.  Awesome!

What we’re talking about over on the Yes and Yes Every Buddy BoardExpensive things worth every cent, international internships, loaning money to friends and knowing when it’s time to quit.
You lucky ducks in the northern hemisphere are headed into Spring, but down here in the Antipodes we’re Autumn-bound.  I loved these images of Spring and Fall.
Ooooh!  House tour of a 250-year-old home located inside a mosque in the Marrakech!
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For the first time in nine years, I’m living somewhere with an actual television  and I find myself being pleasantly surprised and engaged by some of MTV’s shows.  Yes, you read that correctly.  Hired about new grads searching for jobs in different fields, The Buried Life about a group of friends doing heaps of fun/crazy/adventurous things and The World of Jenks – mini documentaries following interesting/amazing/unique people through their daily lives.  And yes, I’m still all over Jersey Shore.
I’m intrigued by this new design book: Undecorate – A No-Rules Approach To Interior Design.  As someone who enjoys mounting shoes and books directly to her wall, I can get behind this
Gorgeous photo and color matching over at the Color Collective.

Cute project for the weekend: DIY custom lampshades. 

Welcome Beyond showcases beautiful vacation houses and boutique hotels.  Fantasy land!  Igloos, yurts, tree houses, castles, oh my!
Do you guys remember my blogging BFF Winona of the now defunct Daddy Likey?  Well, if you’re missing her hilarious take on all things fashion, fear not.  She’s writing for The Frisky now!  Pop over and check out her posts!
Does social media ever make you feel like there are 8 million parties that you’re not invited to and everyone’s life is more exciting than yours?  Here’s what Maggie has to say about that:
I still love social media, despite the occasional sense that everyone is popping bottles of champagne on city rooftops while I watch The Office reruns in my yoga pants. Seeing what I’m “missing” has shaped how I decide to spend my time, reminded me to fill my life with stuff that makes me feel like there’s nowhere else I’d rather be.
How great are these Instant Comfort Pocket Boxes?  They’re only $10!  Wouldn’t they be great in an Easter or May Day basket?
Awesome, budget-friendly, small-kitchen recipes from Big Girl, Small Kitchen.

What links are you loving these days?



I always love your Web Time Wasters posts! Unfortunately the link for the "love of airports" isn't working for me. Thanks!


I'm having trouble with quite a few of the links! Definitely all the ones until after the spring/autumn picture link!




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