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Friends!  How was your weekend?  My Wellington bestie and I took the ferry over the Eastbourne, poked around the beaches and ate pizza.  Then we went out dancing and attracted the interest of a hockey team of 19-year-olds.  What?!  I was fairly convinced we were part of a hidden camera show.



The above image is from a set of flashcards for obscure, underused words.  This is the image for numismatics (the study or collection of coins and other currency.  Who knew?)


I’m 100% not into American Apparel (mostly because I hate the fluorescent lighting in their store.  And, um, everything else about them).  Have you seen some of their new products?  American In-peril (ha!) is what Maggie says.

How pretty are these fabric braids?


Why am I only hearing about this now?!  eShakti allows you to almost completely customize your clothing.  Tell them your height, measurements, bra size and choose different necklines, sleeve lengths and skirt lengths.  Wow.

I didn’t see Singin’ In The Rain until I was 22.  And now I want to live in it.  Obviously.

Eeeep!  Super important: How To Talk To Your Friends About Money.

How awesome is this?  Dog Meets World is a photo diplomacy project that aims to put  photos in the hands of children all over the world.  Did you know most kids in developing countries have never seen a photo of themselves!  This is a great excuse to a) get involved b) buy an instant camera for your next trip.Cute!  DIY paper marquee letter lamp – so you’ll know what your name would look like on front of a theater.

Notes on the Three Muscles of Creativity.

I’m intrigued by this recipe for green pea guacamole.

Did you hear that National Geographic recreated the ‘Up’ house and flew a house using balloons?!  Yes.

What internet haunts are you loving these days?  Add your links in the comments!



I bought a couple of dresses from esahkti and I still have to have them taken in. The fabric wrinkles way too easily and the dresses are poorly made. It's sad because it's such a good idea, just not very good execution.


Pea Guac is amazing! I want to marry avocados, but the peas really give it a fresher, brighter flavor. Highly recommended.


I had to smile when I saw the picture on the top of this article. There is a raven dropping a coin into his nest – 5 Sk – 5 Slovak crowns. This is currency of my home country (Im currently in California, exchange student) and ironically, Slovakia said last goodbye to crowns on january 2009, when we agreed to use Euros.
It's random, but I smiled, happy to see something from my tiny country from the middle of Europe – on your site 🙂
That made my day. Thanks!


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