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Hello, friends!  How was your week?  I spent half of it cooped up inside avoiding 120 kph winds and rain.  But I also found time for a princess-themed party (wine from a teapot!), a conference for NGO techies and a book club meeting.

Now!  Bring out the awesome links!
Did you know that one of my political pet causes is prison reform?  Yes.  So I love that my girl Not That Kind Of Girl started a pen pal program to send birthday cards to inmates.If you can’t afford to hire a graphic designer or a brand manager (um, who can really afford that?) this will help you pull together some ideas for a brand inspiration board.

In addition to prison reform I also love weird Russian stuff.  Because I’m a weirdo.  How gorgeous are these Russian-influenced lollipop beauties?
I imagine that deep down (waaaaay deep down) most parents have a gender preference for their baby.  I appreciated Cup of Jo’s candor about how she felt when she discovered she was having a boy.
I’m thinking of switching from blogspot to wordpress in the foreseeable future.  Kyla Roma dishes on her favorite wordpress plugins. (Have any of you guys switched?  Did you do it yourself?  How hard was it?)
I love Cat On A Hot Tin Roof – and obviously want to live in it. (Personal sidenote: There was a time in my life when I couldn’t decide if I should move to the Deep South or Asia.  I decided to move to Asia after reading everything Tennessee Williams ever wrote.)
Kate Spade, I suspect you live inside my brain.  I want everything you make!
This song is adorable – it’s what would play in the movie of your life when you’re riding bikes with someone cute.
More productivity tips for freelancers: Get Yourself a Calendar
A gajillion hilarious photos of cats chillin’ on stuff.  In a watermelon!  On a drying rack!  On a hat rack! (Thanks, Darc!)Your new favorite podcast: The Pop Culture Happy Hour.

What happens when you meet your online crush in real life? (Thanks, Francine!)My fantastic friend Danai has started a mini bakery with the awesome name Bake Your Pardon!

Let’s not make excuses for our inactivity.  From 344 pounds to a 4:08 marathon
Intriguing!  Safe And Sexy documents women in the public space in two modes; one for comfort, one for attraction. Through portraits, interviews and audio, I explore how social conventions, economic structures, personal history and location shape our visual and psychological landscape. This seemingly simplistic approach invokes a complex dialogue on the layered realities of individuals navigating a terrain of vulnerability, power, comfort and attraction.
I looooove this traveler’s notebook (it comes with a zipper pocket!)
Beauty Bets has great beauty product recommendations for Earth Day.Also!  Yes and Yes-er Jacqueline is going to this Yoga, Surf and Volunteer Retreat (!) in Nicaragua.  It’s only $850 for a week – she’s looking for 8 other people to join her.  Are you interested?  I would be!
Monty’s Beach lodge is a surfing retreat in the village of Jiquillio, Nicaragua. This retreat gives back to the local village by donating a portion of proceeds to the local school, medical center and more. This retreat offers two yoga classes a day, an opportunity to surf and some amazing outings: an estuary mangrove tour, deep sea fishing, wildlife reserve tours and a volcano tour.  You can even sand board down the volcano! Proceeds benefit the local clinic, community center, schools and a women’s cooperative. if you’re interested, email her at jacquelinesaxby AT gmail DOT com

Did you find, write or create something awesome this week?  Share your links in the comments!



If I was independently wealthy, I would only wear Kate Spade. Love. Love. Love. I want the Jillian dress in EVERY COLOUR/PATTERN.


Thank you so much for including the Traveler's Notebook on your link list:) Zipper pocket does come very handy!


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