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Oh hi!  What’s a girl like you doing in a place like this?  And more importantly, how was your week?  I was phone and internet-less for three days (and nearly lost my mind), saw Water For Elephants, was disappointed by Te Papa’s giant squid (NOT GIANT ENOUGH!) and salsa/reggaeton-ed with my awesome ladies.Sarah Von, stop talking about yourself.  Show me cool things from the internet!

It’s edging into Autumn down here in New Zealand, but I bet you Northern Hemisphere-ians will love this perfect summer mix tape.

My second favorite hobby is Getting Rid Of Things, so I obviously love this post on minimizing for spring.
I thought this post about class, poverty and sustainability was incredibly interesting:
When my mother, who grew up as a migrant farm worker living in desperate poverty, came to visit me at the environmentalist cooperative housing she was appalled by what she considered to be “trashy” living conditions.  Though – to be fair – most of our furniture had once been trash. She felt sorry for me because I  “had to” dry my clothes out on a laundry line instead of in an electric dryer and because we didn’t have paper napkins.


I love ridiculously colored pants.  Let’s talk about how to rock bright pink ones.
Intriguing!  Dating and mating in Sweden vs. New Zealand.Apparently, I have been living under a rock and did not know who Ellie Goulding was.  I am now obsessed with: her haircut, her voice annnnnd just about everything else she does.

On the Savvy Travel message board, we’re talking about travel snacks, cheap summer travel and staycations.

This is hilarious/gross but I kind of love it (remember my crazy story about my family’s squirrel-tail Christmas ornaments?)How do you feel about this whole ‘cute tiny food in jars’ thing?  If you’re into it – here’s an entire picnic of food-in-jars.

The Post College Survival Kit has a facebook page!  Join us for all sorts of helpful links and conversations about post-college life.  (Also: you can see my awesome profile photo of a smash-faced cat staring at itself in a mirror)

43 Things You Can Learn Online For Free!

I love this piece on a famous musician playing a 3.5 million dollar violin in the subway station – incognito.  How do you think people reacted?  (Thanks, Darcie!)

Two interesting pieces about marriage: But Mom, What if I Don’t Want To Get Married? and Why Did I Never Get Married?

Share any awesome links you found in the comments!


Silly Little Blonde

I NEED the secret to male/female cohabitation. But the link doesn't work 🙁

I saw Water for Elephants this week too – and I suprised myself by actually loving it (I normally hate books that become films – books are SO much better)




Hallo Sarah! I found your blog through my half sister Danai from Greece and keep an eye on it often. I just love your Web Time Wasters …so thanks : )


@Silly Little Blonde SAME FOR MEEEE.. Realized one of the links didn't work and was like meh maybe its one I didn't really care about.. Nooo I want to read this one!!


You have no idea how much I needed those words in the 'Little Reminders of Love' image. I can't stop reading them over and over…
Thanks you for such a potent share x


You are a genius for letting me know about Ellie Goulding! I'm going to make a mix with Polly Scattergood and Little Boots and her! Love it!


Thank you for introducing me to Ellie Goulding's music! I've been listening to her at work every day since you posted this! The look and sound make it feel like Yes and Yes theme music.


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